Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hillbillies and Stormtroopers

Friends came over and we played ICFBTS again. The scenario was the great pumpkin and the objective was whoever got the pumpkin first won. To get the great pumpkin you had to have a character in the pumpkin patch and pass a hard do it check. Mel won the game with the McCoys. Eric played the Hatfields and ended up being able to use the nasty summoned monster since he was killed in the pumpkin patch as a cultist failed a summoning roll. Tommy played the Cephs and was very sneaky. Suzan played the Grays and seemed to enjoy shooting at her dad and Mel. Mel played the McCoys and did a very good job keeping everyone engaged while she snuck in and grabbed the pumpkin. I played the cultists mostly just for fun as I knew they did not have a chance. The highlight of the game for me was my rubbersuit monster taking out the cephs and the ceph tripod. Great fun game. Mr Pearson the Principle cultist ran screaming from his trailer quickly followed by his assistant the hairdresser also a cultist as they were chased by the elder monster thing.

The second game was just the kids and myself. Madison played the Rebels defending their base, Bailey played the Rancor who showed up as the Empire and Rebels entered her woods and Faelan played the Empire. I learned that Faelan does not like to lose when he got Vader taken out even after he took out a force using Leia. The game was a great bunch of fun though and Madison did exceptionally well against her brother and later myself. Bailey enjoyed munching on stormtroopers with her Rancor. A good day of gaming and hanging out with the kiddos!

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