Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hero Quest

How many of you remember this gem? I remember getting it for Christmas and playing it relentlessly with my brother. I would run the game. We never got through the entire book and I started making up stats for my other minis too. I think I still have the advanced chaos warrior, advanced orc, night goblins, goblin archers, fire wizards, beholders and dragons stats somewhere. There are others too including heroes and more villains. To a fourth grader this game was fantastic! Hell, to a 34 year old this game is fantastic! I still have some of the furniture, miniatures and the board but would love to get a a working copy again. We played hero quest using our dnd characters a few years back. It was fun. This game reminded me so much of gauntlet.

I fondly remember playing hours of this game. The game came with the furniture, spell cards, hero stats and character sheets (which we never used) as well as a quest book and a game guide. The quest book was for the eyes of the gm only. The gm was not supposed to be this altruistic impartial judge either no sir he was out to get the players. That made it all the more fun I think. I miss this game. Break down the door. Get the bad guys. Get the loot. Leave. Upgrade your weapons and armor. Go back and do it again. It was simple, effective gaming.

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  1. I used to play Advanced HeroQuest with my two girls, before we "upgraded" to D&D. Heh.

    HeroQuest, and it's kin AHQ, is always entertaining, but since I can just play a D&D game with them now, it's difficult to justify dungeon crawling via a board game when you can just play D&D, you know?