Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Al Qadim - The Skeleton Cleric

Last night's game of Al Qadim went very well. The players continued their forary into the cistern under the Gazebeo and also learned that something else had once occupied the Inn besides the old wizard and inn keeper when they encountered sand skiff tracks and followed them back to a hidden stable that was located within the Inn. Inside the stable they found the long-dead skeletons of two camels and two horses as well as two perfectly intact sand sleds. These are like sand barges like what they have but are single seaters. Inside the room were scattered illegable notes and a tickmark talley on the wall that totaled 250 years! There was also a coat of slime covering everything that once brought outside would melt.

Suspecting something strange they searched around the boundaries of the walls to find that it appeared that the place had not even settled into the sand. This was odd considering the 250 years of tickmarks from the prisoner within the stables. The party left the area of the Inn and decided to follow the fishmen into the pool under the Gazebo.
cd's are a barn and a house

We had a period of exploring the water and the exits from the water and the party started to get the idea of leaving...

Then the fighting started... undead fish zombies and a skeleton cleric of some western evil red robe deity.

Thhis time I went old school and brought out the old Chessex mat and erasable water markers and used cds as the barn and house.  We had a great time!  We podcasted (audio) the fight sequences.

Here's a sneak peek at a game of Space Wranglers in progress after our Al Qadim session.

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