Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Al Qadim - Interlopers

I liked the advantage/disadvantage mechanic so much from our playtesting of DND Next that I've added it to all of my games!  I also added the rest rule. If you rest for at least two hours you roll your hit dice and that that number back in hit points provided you were not critically hit or took more than 1/2 your hits on an attack before.  For those latter two attacks you really need a cleric to magically heal you.  I also had Jaz run initiative which worked out rather well for me.

Tonight the party mostly spent freeing the slaves that they rescued from the ThriKreen (well bought from the ThriKreen) and let them establish themselves at the Last Scion Inn.  While searching upstairs and in the spell journal of the mage that owned the place we had some great roleplaying moments including the party trying to figure out a magical umbrella and fez as well as trying to not trigger every ward and trap on the darned journal!

When they returned to the farm they found that there had been a massive battle with the players searching and finding what at first they thought were ThriKreen tracks later they learned were some kind of lizardman.  Searching the well they found tracks leading down and going into the well they found a cistern. Inside the cistern they were ambushed by Saughaun. "Fishmen in the desert? Now I've seen everything." A battle ensued in which the players took some nasty claw and crossbow hits before the fishmen retreated. The players trying to setup up an ambush ran right into a cluster of them topside and another fight broke out above and within the cistern. I used the dnd map tiles to simulate both and ran them simultaneously.

After this battle they recovered some loot and searched the gazebo to find a hidden panel.  Moving the panel they found an underground pool of salt water. It was fairly deep unlike the cistern which was only about a foot deep so the party decided to let it alone. They closed and locked the panel and explained to the now freed slaves that was down there.

So the party got beat up by and beat up some Saughaun, fought with a magical umbrella and danced to a silent gig while wearing a fez.  I did very briefly consider making it a fez of masculinity/femininity but I decided not to.

The Saughaun were attracted by the evil in the farmhouse and decided to make a lair under the place. Next time the party can either explore the now empty lair or they can continue on their way into the sands of the unknown.

Great game.  Lots of roleplaying.


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