Thursday, May 2, 2013

DM Advice - Xanth - Ever Tried It?

Have you ever heard of Pier's Anthony's whimsical world of Xanth? Xanth is an alternate Florida where an evil Komputer rules the fantasy world and a Gap dragon keeps a Spell from Chameleon. Be careful of the catastrophe and the butterflies because well who wants to see a cat (ass trophy) anyway?   Have you ever played in a game set in Xanth or a similar world where the words really mattered? A world of puns and fun.  I would like to explore the possibility of a Xanth type campaign in the not too distant future.  What would you want in it? What would you want to avoid? Keep in mind the idea is that words have power in the world and puns and wordplay are part of the fun so if you dislike puns then you might just want to avoid this particular punny discussion altogether.

Image used but without permission. If asked I will kindly take it down. Though I daresay this is fantastic work!

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