Sunday, May 19, 2013

Winter Is Coming - Old School Revised Style

Our group is excited because I am going to be running a game on alternate Fridays using the AD&D 2nd Edition (Skills and Powers/Combat and Tactics) options set in George R Martin's world of Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire.  I am not only excited to be running the system again (Hurray THAC0) the setting also intrigues me more than a little bit. The game will have some great things going for it such as the following:

The storylines for A Game of Thrones (HBO Series) will be playing the background as the adventurers work for one or more of the would-be-kings doing all manner of missions from stealing (reclaiming) an old sword from the Pikes for the Grayjoys to returning a certain woman's ashes back to Winterfell.  This is going to be lots of fun and the ideas just keep coming. 

I do recognize, however, that I will need to make some changes to the high fantasy setting that AD&D is based around namely races and weapons. The weapons part is easy as the Skills and Powers setting and DMG breaks weapons into different categories so I will let them use the Dark Age equipment as the majority of the world (to me at least) seems to be Dark Ages setting with a smattering of medieval for the highborns.

The  majority of the players will need to be human but I will be allowing people to play a dwarf as an imp if they really desire though they would just use the stats for the dwarf and would actually be 'human'. I am not going to allow elves but I will allow people to play half-elves and those people will basically have Targaryen bloodlines. No one will be allowed to play giants, wildlings or white walkers. Everyone will be part of an 'official' house but they will want to keep that a secret sometimes. IE: each people is going to need to choose Lannister, Targaryen, Grayjoy, Pike, Stark, Stannis, etc for their blood ties.

Clerics will be Scepters but will not have the ability to raise the dead - ever.  All spells like this will be forbidden. Mages will have spell points and a number of spells that they know. I will choose their spells from the start of the game based on their house region and who they study with.  I realize that magic is not very big in the world but I will be adding a  little of it to the game.

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