Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Superdungeon - A Vrock and Hard Place

The town of Greenbran in the northern reaches of Amn seemed a perfect place to raise a family with its placement on the Greenway and so close near the mountains that it seemed protected on all sides. This was before the Yawning Portal of Pandemonium was opened by the demon marelith Caris who vowed to make a home for her Wormblood residents among the streets of the town.

So impressed with her performance that the demon balor lord Errtu of the Mushroom granted Caris her own dominion over the northern reaches of Amn much to the disagreement of the council of Acyti who immediately upon hearing of the attack sent their best to the town to reclaim it from the ravages of Errtu’s minions.

Errtu, hearing of the success of the caravan to deliver the foul Whitemetal to the Highforest dispatched agents of his own to the town of Greenbran to meet the do-gooders and stop that particular thorn in his side from returning. For a thorn in the side the Acyti had become with their raiding of his border keeps and their pillaging of his people’s resources. No, the demon lord Errtu had made a promise to the one called Tyne and he meant to keep it.

So sending his cousin Yanish-Kau the Galbrazu lord of filth to the town of Greenbran with the mission to stop the loathesome goodie goodies at all costs and to return with the head of the one called Tyne he expected nothing short of all of his demands to be met. Imagine his surprise when from a quasit bad news arrived informing him of the skirmish outside of the Yawning Portal where both the legendary tiefling revenant liches (Pazasu and Lamazu) were defeated and Caris herself had failed.

Not accepting failure especially in the case of his demon lords the prince Errtu looked fondly over at the formless blob of demon flesh that had been reconstructed from the soul tatters of Caris and slammed his desk. “We shall have no more failures. Understood?”

The dark atmosphere was invasive as the Galbrazu left the audience chamber of his supreme commander. “Take care not to fail me as Caris or you shall too meet her fate.” Secretly he lept with joy for his lover Caris, the one that his demon heart only cared slightly more for than his big toe, was slain. A single tear almost shed he smiled at his dark master. “What of the rest of their troublesome ilk?” The fire in his eyes grew brilliant “I care not, but bring me the ringleaders. I wish to deal with them personally. Once you have them, throw them in the pits. “As you will. Lord Errtu.”

Yanish-Kau was going to take delight in torturing the one called Quinlan. Yes great delight indeed.


The party fought outside of the town of Greenbran. They fought the guardians of the portal and Caris the demon maralith outside of the town. The town itself was continually on fire in the distance and the ash from the burning clouded the sky. It was a dark scene. The winds of Pandemonium kept randomly blowing the party and the demons around the board during the exploration and the battle portions of the game. The Dwarf fighter and Dwarf Monk took turns in hitting and subsequently missing their foes. Other than the strange curse of the bad die rolls which was blamed on the use of the new technology everyone seemed to really enjoy the use of the lcd screen as a digital battlemap.

Highlights of the night included the end-game battle with Caris (who summoned a Vrock) taking on the zen archer Dwarf, Adian the Demon-Hunting Cleric and also defeating the fighter Sigrid who fell in battle with Caris. Caris herself left only after one final death blast from the demon. The Lich Revenants used fireballs, cones of cold and meteor swarm against the players and only engaged in hand-to-hand with Quinlan the Bard. Tyne provided artillery support while the party moved as a concentrated unit and successfully defeated a very difficult foe. My hat goes off to them. Now on to bigger battles.

I am excited about the use of the lcd because I was able to switch from the world map to a picture of the demon lord and back to the battlemap without any difficulty

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