Friday, May 10, 2013

ICFBTS: The Missing Link Update

I am continuing work on ICFBTS: The Missing Link. Sure to offend everyone with it's lack of political correctness aimed directly like a well oiled spraygun toward everyone. so lighten up. it's a parody. (and protected I might add). The puplyness of it screamed for pulpy phrases like "Would you hurry up and just stop talking Chinaman so we can get this fight on kung foo style?" and... "It were like that Kung Foo fighting song, only he was more Kung and I were more Foo." It's the pulpy tales of a hillbilly action hero in two-fisted combat. Oh and dinosaurs and cavemen and mobsters.

This book will be released like Big Top Edition - rules only and no art - but it will pack a heck of a lot of character and story and continue where Big Top left off.

"So quit yer whining and get some!"
-Grandpa McCoy

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