Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hive Tyrant Googlemonster

The Imperium didn't like failures. All around us among the smell of spent heavy bolter cartridges and plasma was the battlefield was littered with the remains of the latest alien assault on our bunker.  The lifeless piles of rotting alien flesh made no difference to the Tyranids though they would just make more. We couldn't afford the casualties either. For every fifty of their we killed they took down one or two of our boys. Those would normally be good odds and the men died bravely but the problem was we weren't fighting chaos or eldar we were fighting the Tyranids.

This damned rain! It was wet and the rain was a constant reminder of the Emperor's irritation at our inability to correctly judge the presence of the Tyranid attackers.  Squaddy Ryanah had just finished decapitating the genestealers and interrogating the cultists but so far we had no answers. To make matters worse the Librarian shebitch Marlane was slated to land in about an hour. I was screwed. I needed to find the reason that the tyranid attacks never made any damned sense.

With a thunderous crash the biopod landed hard next to squad seven obliterating them completely. I rushed forward on the Rhino calling for my other two squads to load in their Rhinos and to follow the Land Raider. The smoke from the wreckage was too much and I had to open the hatch to see what the hell was going on. Radios were fuzzy too. I leaped from the Rhino drawing my chain sword and bolter and ordering my men to get ready. We look at the crater. It was huge!

Then with a sickening sputter the thing began to open, pouring putrid fleshy ichor onto the ground. My terra. This was my damned land and I was not going to let whatever was inside the thing take it. I turned to my men who looked on at the crater bolters at the ready "Guys whatever the hell is in this damned thing is going to die for the Emperor. If it does not die then you die well and you will be rewarded! Remember. We are Space Marines!"

At first the blast of greenish slime that blasted from the creature's barbed strangler to crash into my sergent took me by surprise but then I saw it.. It's face... I will never forget it's face... So that's why they never seemed to make any sense where they attacked...

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