Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I am thinking of playing this instead of Pathfinder in one of our games.  How does it play? Is it simple to run? I hear that it is harder for players to power game.  One of my biggest gripes of Pathfinder and DnD in general is the wait time between player turns that gets longer each level because of the number of hits increasing to crazy amounts on a full attack. Does this solve that problem? What are the pros and the cons of this system in your opinion? Is 4e better than 5e? I'd really appreciate your advice!

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  1. That picture is of the HackMaster 4th Edition PHB. I recommend that you check out the new version. 4th Ed was a very fun, and funny game, but because of the licensing it had to be a Parody. The new version of HM is a serious game. If you want to demo it, you can get the Free version called HackMaster Basic. It has enough info in it to get started and try the game out.

    Kenzer website page about it;

    Download HMb for FREE;

    It's an awesome game.