Sunday, May 12, 2013

GM Advice for Me!

I picked up a 32 inch LCD for use with this laptop including using it as VTT or pdf maps (with a plexiglass cover for protection). Does anyone have suggestions for a good way to put this to use? I plan on using the paizo gamemastery maps but has anyone used Dunggeni or some similar VTT software and if so how well does it work on the fly during a game?

Also as an aside I am on Neverwinter as a rogue trickster follower of Kelemvor.

Edit: I will be using Dundginni, D20Pro, RPTools and PDF Viewer to present my players with a variety of maps and options.  There are some great tips and beautiful maps over on the Dundjinni Map Forum site. I will be using several of Neyjour and Bogie's maps. Great maps guys!

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  1. I run a weekly pirate game using the simple system Poison'd. I use my 54" flat screen to display maps and pictures, while I use the table for ship minis. It works out well and allows me to share info in a way that I know everyone can see.