Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Al-Qadim - The Inn of the Last Scion

Party investigates Inn in the desert called "Inn of the Last Scion". Inside they find several brown robed individuals. The individuals turn and look at the party. They are found to out be zombies. After a fight with the zombies the party goes to leave only to run into a gelatinous cube blocking the door. On the table was a grain sack. The party paid no attention to the grain sack. Later they found that the Inn belonged to a mage named Mar'zhal Scion whom apparently the Jaz's character Francis is related. After the catfolk ended up putting both arms and feet into the cube to free herself and her shadow mastiff ediolon Gubon tried to free her by pulling her out by the rump the Tengu Oracle played by Tom used create water over the top of them. He thought that it would melt the cube but instead it made the catfolk clean and the cube released the catfolk. Fun game. Funny too.

Party Gets New Base - 10,000
Party Gets Gelatinous Housemaids - 1,000
Party Gets Magic Book - 1,000
Catfolk gets bit in the butt by shadow mastiff eidlon and then washed by the tengu (birdman) - priceless

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