Friday, May 31, 2013

Dragonlance - Is that a Hut with Chicken Legs?

So today the Dragonlance Steampunk group worked their way into town unknown and acting like the Blackguard they watched as Baba Yaga's ritual took place.  That's when they ambushed her anti-blair witch style! The game was epic! This is a 13th level adventuring party (almost everyone has dragons) and they have an airship! The hut made an appearance as did Rexicofalapatoris (yes I know Doctor Who is not RAW) the white dragon mate of Baba Yaga. The players had a hard fought battle against giant trents (bigger than normal and meaner because they were death heads trees) and normal trents (also deaths heads) that took their airship from 400 hp down to about 103. Their dragons also had a heck of a time fighting and the dire wolves, dire bears , winter wolves and werewolves made for an interesting combination to Baba Yaga, her hut and the players. One player was eaten (her and her gold dragon) by the hut and met the Coffin Man. They decided instead to fly out of the hut at breakneck speed and let the Coffin man have his Abbadon.  Great game!  Time to go watch Cabin in the Woods. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

VTT Delayed - Cats missing

My plan was to post about the VTT experience we had yesterday with Roll20 but our cat has now been missing at least 24 hours and my poor wife is very sad.  I love that cat so I hope she is ok. I will return and post about Roll20 later. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we look for our missing member.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Superdungeon - The Thirteen (The Beginning of the End Part One)

This will be the first part of the end of the Superdungeon campaign that I have ran for the past two years. The epic storyline has the demon Errtu taking over large portions of southern Amn and all of Calimshan as his domain. Now the party must attempt to defeat the demon lord with any means necessary. The Acti gets word from a traitor to the demon empire that there is a secret tunnel deep in the underdark that leads to the ritual chambers of the Basalt Temple - the lair of Errtu. Now our brave heroes must go to the temple and attempt to defeat their foe once and for all. This is the first part of a several part series.

(will update with video once it is done loading)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ravenloft - The Black Chalice

Starting up a Roll20 Virtual Table-Top game set in Ravenloft using the Pathfinder rules.  If you are interested let me know.  Also we have started up a forum game of Call of Cthulhu and have a few spots left if anyone wants to play that one. I am very interested in the VTT because I was able to setup all of the pieces for the start of the Ravenloft campaign and pull in a few 'what ifs' as well all in different scenes.  I was also able to add music elements as well as maps and tokens (meeples). I am impressed so far. I will keep you posted with progress on that game.

Winter is Coming - Video

I started a Youtube Channel and did a review of Mark's terrain. The stuff looks amazing on the game table!  Please ignore the ladies in the background as they were getting plates ready from our steak dinner last night. Yes, we had steak and then I proceeded on letting them know Winter was Coming!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Winter is Coming - Character Creation

Going to have character creation and watch Game of Thrones episode one today. Will probably play some too.

Edit: So it looks like the Song of Ice and Fire game I will be running using AD&D S&P edition is going to have a Druid, Ranger and a Squire (to be a hedge knight). All magic is going to be operated using spell points and all casters will channel through their bodies to make it more like what I have seen so far in the world. Should be very interesting. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hive Tyrant Googlemonster

The Imperium didn't like failures. All around us among the smell of spent heavy bolter cartridges and plasma was the battlefield was littered with the remains of the latest alien assault on our bunker.  The lifeless piles of rotting alien flesh made no difference to the Tyranids though they would just make more. We couldn't afford the casualties either. For every fifty of their we killed they took down one or two of our boys. Those would normally be good odds and the men died bravely but the problem was we weren't fighting chaos or eldar we were fighting the Tyranids.

This damned rain! It was wet and the rain was a constant reminder of the Emperor's irritation at our inability to correctly judge the presence of the Tyranid attackers.  Squaddy Ryanah had just finished decapitating the genestealers and interrogating the cultists but so far we had no answers. To make matters worse the Librarian shebitch Marlane was slated to land in about an hour. I was screwed. I needed to find the reason that the tyranid attacks never made any damned sense.

With a thunderous crash the biopod landed hard next to squad seven obliterating them completely. I rushed forward on the Rhino calling for my other two squads to load in their Rhinos and to follow the Land Raider. The smoke from the wreckage was too much and I had to open the hatch to see what the hell was going on. Radios were fuzzy too. I leaped from the Rhino drawing my chain sword and bolter and ordering my men to get ready. We look at the crater. It was huge!

Then with a sickening sputter the thing began to open, pouring putrid fleshy ichor onto the ground. My terra. This was my damned land and I was not going to let whatever was inside the thing take it. I turned to my men who looked on at the crater bolters at the ready "Guys whatever the hell is in this damned thing is going to die for the Emperor. If it does not die then you die well and you will be rewarded! Remember. We are Space Marines!"

At first the blast of greenish slime that blasted from the creature's barbed strangler to crash into my sergent took me by surprise but then I saw it.. It's face... I will never forget it's face... So that's why they never seemed to make any sense where they attacked...

Call of Cthulhu - Ich benötige mehr Wohnzimmer

You make your way to the bar on the seedy side of town being careful not to step on the unexploded bomb casings that seem to litter the sidewalk. A tired-looking disheveled woman pushes her pram toward some unknown destination utter despair visible on her face a complete contrast of the laughing infant. The German traitors are far worse than any story you remember your mother telling you. Yes little girl, the monsters are real and you should be afraid of the dark. Nothing in story tales can compare to the monster of war. Something must be done to stop this monster.

If you like Call of Cthulhu and play by post games you won't want to miss our new play by post forum game set in 1939 Warsaw Poland in September during the Nazi takeover of Poland. The game will see the ghettos forming for the Jewish community and this game will feature horrific and at times extremely detailed events and you shouldn't play if you are going to be upset by that kind of thing. The game will use bad language and adult situations including violence and adult content.  We are using the 5th/6th edition rules and the Byakhee character generator. This will be a rules light game with focus more on storytelling and roleplay than on rules. You will make your rolls using the online dice roller and email me the results.

Call of Cthulhu - Ich benötige mehr Wohnzimmer

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Al-Qadim - The Inn of the Last Scion

Party investigates Inn in the desert called "Inn of the Last Scion". Inside they find several brown robed individuals. The individuals turn and look at the party. They are found to out be zombies. After a fight with the zombies the party goes to leave only to run into a gelatinous cube blocking the door. On the table was a grain sack. The party paid no attention to the grain sack. Later they found that the Inn belonged to a mage named Mar'zhal Scion whom apparently the Jaz's character Francis is related. After the catfolk ended up putting both arms and feet into the cube to free herself and her shadow mastiff ediolon Gubon tried to free her by pulling her out by the rump the Tengu Oracle played by Tom used create water over the top of them. He thought that it would melt the cube but instead it made the catfolk clean and the cube released the catfolk. Fun game. Funny too.

Party Gets New Base - 10,000
Party Gets Gelatinous Housemaids - 1,000
Party Gets Magic Book - 1,000
Catfolk gets bit in the butt by shadow mastiff eidlon and then washed by the tengu (birdman) - priceless

Monday, May 20, 2013

Projected Gaming

Have you used a projector for gaming? What do you think of this model? Ideally I would like to use the projector AND miniatures on a tabletop and terrain such as MBA and Dforge and Mark's dungeons etc all together. I am thinking white tablecloth with the projector battlemap etc and terrain on the table with minis. Yeah when it comes to gaming stuff I am like a Pokemon trainer - gotta have it all baby.

Epson VS210

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Winter Is Coming - Old School Revised Style

Our group is excited because I am going to be running a game on alternate Fridays using the AD&D 2nd Edition (Skills and Powers/Combat and Tactics) options set in George R Martin's world of Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire.  I am not only excited to be running the system again (Hurray THAC0) the setting also intrigues me more than a little bit. The game will have some great things going for it such as the following:

The storylines for A Game of Thrones (HBO Series) will be playing the background as the adventurers work for one or more of the would-be-kings doing all manner of missions from stealing (reclaiming) an old sword from the Pikes for the Grayjoys to returning a certain woman's ashes back to Winterfell.  This is going to be lots of fun and the ideas just keep coming. 

I do recognize, however, that I will need to make some changes to the high fantasy setting that AD&D is based around namely races and weapons. The weapons part is easy as the Skills and Powers setting and DMG breaks weapons into different categories so I will let them use the Dark Age equipment as the majority of the world (to me at least) seems to be Dark Ages setting with a smattering of medieval for the highborns.

The  majority of the players will need to be human but I will be allowing people to play a dwarf as an imp if they really desire though they would just use the stats for the dwarf and would actually be 'human'. I am not going to allow elves but I will allow people to play half-elves and those people will basically have Targaryen bloodlines. No one will be allowed to play giants, wildlings or white walkers. Everyone will be part of an 'official' house but they will want to keep that a secret sometimes. IE: each people is going to need to choose Lannister, Targaryen, Grayjoy, Pike, Stark, Stannis, etc for their blood ties.

Clerics will be Scepters but will not have the ability to raise the dead - ever.  All spells like this will be forbidden. Mages will have spell points and a number of spells that they know. I will choose their spells from the start of the game based on their house region and who they study with.  I realize that magic is not very big in the world but I will be adding a  little of it to the game.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I am thinking of playing this instead of Pathfinder in one of our games.  How does it play? Is it simple to run? I hear that it is harder for players to power game.  One of my biggest gripes of Pathfinder and DnD in general is the wait time between player turns that gets longer each level because of the number of hits increasing to crazy amounts on a full attack. Does this solve that problem? What are the pros and the cons of this system in your opinion? Is 4e better than 5e? I'd really appreciate your advice!

Superdungeon - A Vrock and Hard Place

The town of Greenbran in the northern reaches of Amn seemed a perfect place to raise a family with its placement on the Greenway and so close near the mountains that it seemed protected on all sides. This was before the Yawning Portal of Pandemonium was opened by the demon marelith Caris who vowed to make a home for her Wormblood residents among the streets of the town.

So impressed with her performance that the demon balor lord Errtu of the Mushroom granted Caris her own dominion over the northern reaches of Amn much to the disagreement of the council of Acyti who immediately upon hearing of the attack sent their best to the town to reclaim it from the ravages of Errtu’s minions.

Errtu, hearing of the success of the caravan to deliver the foul Whitemetal to the Highforest dispatched agents of his own to the town of Greenbran to meet the do-gooders and stop that particular thorn in his side from returning. For a thorn in the side the Acyti had become with their raiding of his border keeps and their pillaging of his people’s resources. No, the demon lord Errtu had made a promise to the one called Tyne and he meant to keep it.

So sending his cousin Yanish-Kau the Galbrazu lord of filth to the town of Greenbran with the mission to stop the loathesome goodie goodies at all costs and to return with the head of the one called Tyne he expected nothing short of all of his demands to be met. Imagine his surprise when from a quasit bad news arrived informing him of the skirmish outside of the Yawning Portal where both the legendary tiefling revenant liches (Pazasu and Lamazu) were defeated and Caris herself had failed.

Not accepting failure especially in the case of his demon lords the prince Errtu looked fondly over at the formless blob of demon flesh that had been reconstructed from the soul tatters of Caris and slammed his desk. “We shall have no more failures. Understood?”

The dark atmosphere was invasive as the Galbrazu left the audience chamber of his supreme commander. “Take care not to fail me as Caris or you shall too meet her fate.” Secretly he lept with joy for his lover Caris, the one that his demon heart only cared slightly more for than his big toe, was slain. A single tear almost shed he smiled at his dark master. “What of the rest of their troublesome ilk?” The fire in his eyes grew brilliant “I care not, but bring me the ringleaders. I wish to deal with them personally. Once you have them, throw them in the pits. “As you will. Lord Errtu.”

Yanish-Kau was going to take delight in torturing the one called Quinlan. Yes great delight indeed.


The party fought outside of the town of Greenbran. They fought the guardians of the portal and Caris the demon maralith outside of the town. The town itself was continually on fire in the distance and the ash from the burning clouded the sky. It was a dark scene. The winds of Pandemonium kept randomly blowing the party and the demons around the board during the exploration and the battle portions of the game. The Dwarf fighter and Dwarf Monk took turns in hitting and subsequently missing their foes. Other than the strange curse of the bad die rolls which was blamed on the use of the new technology everyone seemed to really enjoy the use of the lcd screen as a digital battlemap.

Highlights of the night included the end-game battle with Caris (who summoned a Vrock) taking on the zen archer Dwarf, Adian the Demon-Hunting Cleric and also defeating the fighter Sigrid who fell in battle with Caris. Caris herself left only after one final death blast from the demon. The Lich Revenants used fireballs, cones of cold and meteor swarm against the players and only engaged in hand-to-hand with Quinlan the Bard. Tyne provided artillery support while the party moved as a concentrated unit and successfully defeated a very difficult foe. My hat goes off to them. Now on to bigger battles.

I am excited about the use of the lcd because I was able to switch from the world map to a picture of the demon lord and back to the battlemap without any difficulty

Sunday, May 12, 2013

GM Advice for Me!

I picked up a 32 inch LCD for use with this laptop including using it as VTT or pdf maps (with a plexiglass cover for protection). Does anyone have suggestions for a good way to put this to use? I plan on using the paizo gamemastery maps but has anyone used Dunggeni or some similar VTT software and if so how well does it work on the fly during a game?

Also as an aside I am on Neverwinter as a rogue trickster follower of Kelemvor.

Edit: I will be using Dundginni, D20Pro, RPTools and PDF Viewer to present my players with a variety of maps and options.  There are some great tips and beautiful maps over on the Dundjinni Map Forum site. I will be using several of Neyjour and Bogie's maps. Great maps guys!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

ICFBTS: The Missing Link Update

I am continuing work on ICFBTS: The Missing Link. Sure to offend everyone with it's lack of political correctness aimed directly like a well oiled spraygun toward everyone. so lighten up. it's a parody. (and protected I might add). The puplyness of it screamed for pulpy phrases like "Would you hurry up and just stop talking Chinaman so we can get this fight on kung foo style?" and... "It were like that Kung Foo fighting song, only he was more Kung and I were more Foo." It's the pulpy tales of a hillbilly action hero in two-fisted combat. Oh and dinosaurs and cavemen and mobsters.

This book will be released like Big Top Edition - rules only and no art - but it will pack a heck of a lot of character and story and continue where Big Top left off.

"So quit yer whining and get some!"
-Grandpa McCoy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Al Qadim - The Bandit's Bandits

After scouting the Bandit camp and figuring out that the majority of the highwaymen appeared to be less than 'fighter' worthy they decided to make an ambush for the Bandits.  This was agreed by Caravan master Garaval (since I really want the entire party to be there when I start Legacy of Fire and three people were out due to various reasons).  Master Garaval appeared to appreciate the player's cunning and granted them "you do as you wish, but be sure to be back at this house before two days pass so that we can continue on. My mistress does not like to be waiting long."

So the two rogues played by Eric and Frank (Hassim and Fishknife respectively) decided to scout the area around the Bandits and lo and behold there were many Thri-Kreen tracks all over the outskirts of the bandit encampment. The encampment was situated around three hills.  One hill was blocking the view of the olive orchard and farmhouse which has been in the previous adventure and where the players were staying the night.  The second and third hills were to the north east of the farmhouse and provided very good vantage points for the rogues to sneak around and spy on the Bandits.

The Bandits called, "The Trackless Ones" appeared to have several devices fashioned like brooms that they would drag behind their horses to cover all traces of tracks. The "Trackless Ones" appeared to be more merchant-based than based on brigands and thieves and there were signs of Thayan Slaver's equipment within the Bandit camp.

The party decided to setup the Ambush as the Bandits were making their way toward picking up their camp for the morning.  This gave the players plenty of time to setup the trap. The players setup at the back of the two hills into groups of twos. Fishknive, having contracted filth fever, a little worse for ware but overall seemingly in good spirits if not for the boils on his hands and face, had spotted two distinct caverns that both held what appeared to be evidence of Thri-Kreen.  The players decided to risk it and setup the ambush anyway, figuring that whatever was the gain from the Bandits outweighed the cost of them attracting the desert anthropoid raiders.

The ambush went off without a hitch and both Rogues scored sneak attack damage on members of the Bandit party as they passed within feet of their hidden positions, unaware, their horses almost bucking them off from surprise  The leader of the bandits felt the plague-riddled bolt from Esmarelda (The rat alchemist) and although he did not fall from his horse as he attempted to rush out of the battle from a grievous wound he took to his neck the lighting ray cast by Whitecloud the mage knocked him off his saddle and his horse drug him 200 feet into the desert. Fishknife scored a critical hit on a bandit and then quickly stole his horse even before his corpse hit the ground. He was rewarded by a halfling sling rock to his head to which the following turn he responded by tossing a knife into said halfling who was totally cut down to size. Hassim had a very good shot off on both the bandit leader and the bandit that was riding the lizard mount who he took out with an arrow to the throat (ouch!).

The total of 20 Bandits were taken completely by surprise by the party and in only a few rounds they had routed the Bandits in different directions. One of the Bandit groups entered one of the caves that was previously discovered by Fishknife.

After collecting the loot and horses as prizes the party decided to follow the bandits into the cave - only to find dead bandits littering the floor.  Suddenly, almost out of nowhere several Thri-kreen appeared as Esmeralda took stock of the Ashworm deep in torpor sleep from her obvious gouging of bandit flesh, her babies nestled snugly also sleeping off their meal in their mother's embrace.  The Thri-kreen, thinking the party were the bandits offered to trade with those that the dark skinned little ones did not kill.

After some diplomacy with the Thri-Kreen the players found out that the Thri-Kreen (at least this tribe) keeps slaves but has a socialist economy with no leader and no system of commerce other than barter. "You are worth what you are worth and what you can take you can keep." said one of the larger of the Thri-Kreen to Whitecloud who was astonished by their simple barter system and found it difficult to work within the confines of their ideals.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda has impressed the Thri-Kreen known as La-Tahsk and he offered her to ride the Ashworm. She accepted knowing that it meant that she would have to retire her character. She said it was because that was what her character would do. She was fascinated by both the worm and the Thri-Kreen and of the possibility of learning a new language. They were fascinated by her, having not seen many ratfolk. The party also exchanged for the Thayan Slaves that the bandits were supposed to be picking up all the while wondering if the dark skinned ones were drow, duregur, svirneblin or something more sinister.

I was very impressed by Jaz' eagerness to be so true to her character that I have allowed her to make a new character of whatever she wants within reason.  She has chosen to bring in an evangelistic cleric. I am very excited about this as he is fashioned after Steve Martin in Leap of Faith. He's a fraud but he's full of faith. Should be fun!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front - Kickstarter

Martians in tripods, cadaver zombies and World War I doughboys - what's not to like? Oh they have landships too!

The guys over at Architects of War have created a beautiful set of miniatures for their All Quiet on the Martian Front game.  I daresay that they would work very well with When the Navy Walked.  In addition, their game looks very good too. I have not read the rules mind you but it seems like it is going to be a very similar feel to that of War of the Worlds. I very much enjoy their terrain and look forward to supporting their kickstarter.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth be With You!

Here's my favorite Starwars trilogy - The Admiral Thrawn series by Timothy Zhan.  It has to be in my opinion the best rounded and most enjoyable of all of the expanded universe books.  I did enjoy the Legacy comics for a 'kindler gentler empire' and indeed my cousin and I ran a campaign set in the Legacy era with pcs being members of the Death's Head Tie Squadron but for my money nothing beats the search for the Katana Fleet! Way to go Timothy! No gungans either. That's like a bonus or something.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dragonlance - Icemarch Part 1

Lord Abrosia transports the party's airship to IceMarch after they deliver the already deceased body of Jurin. The party is not seen in their airship.  The people of IceMarch did not appear to notice the party's airship although the obvious cap of skyships over the town along with the patrons and giants of IceMarch seemed a decent force…

Unfortunately the party did not know that Icemarch was also inhabited by several white dragons and the patrons of the town are wolfweres. However, the party has their dragons, an airship and the combined power of lots of firepower.  Should be a piece of cake right?

Firenaze turned into a white dragon. The party checked out the town bar - the flayed kender - and scouted the bar. I quickly pulled the map of the Inn and put up spray paint cans with two levels of plexiglass that I use to keep the maps flat - worked out smashingly! They explored the bar but the patrons of the town assumed them to be members of the Icereach dragonriders and gave them a wide berth and food/drink and rooms on the house. 

Meanwhile the kender Kas decided to haze the Icegiant Jarl Stormbringer and that was fun. Three airships from the city of Pananthas attacked the town but were stopped by the surprise rival of the white dragon Magnesium who decided to toss the airships into one another and see how quickly they blew up. Kas helped but not really with his friend who was an illusionist alchemist who made it look like the airship blew u but really the party got the airship away safely.  Back to town.. 

The white dragon Firenaze (centaur) and his magma dragon are ambushed by three winter wolves which they quickly dispatch but not before they are chilled out by the winter breath of the beasts. Then the townsfolk turned into wolves and direwolves and began chanting while the trents formed a circle at the center of the town, a werebear brought a carcass of a stag and then a magic explosion.

So the party hung out and made a name for themselves and then Baba Yaga Showed up with her toad. .. so there's that.  Next game the PCs take on Baba Yaga and a bunch of trents, death head treats, white wolves, dire wolves and possibly the gargantuan white dragon Magnesium.  This will be decided later as the party looks down from their dragon mounts and witnesses the evil ritual of Baba Yaga and the death head tree's victims.