Friday, April 12, 2013

Price Question

I really want everyone to have access to the ICFBTS and WTNW lines we produced and if we can get enough sales we might even be able to finish off the bigtop with art! The question is if we moved the prices from 9.99 and 4.99 to .99 and 2.99 would you get them? If so we may be able to drop the price of pod as well.

Here are the links.

Be sure to say Yes or No on the poll!


  1. Sorry!
    I am trying to contact with WtNW's author, because I have some questions about the rules. How could I contact with him?

  2. Thanks Robert!
    Pleased with your ruleset, but some questions:
    1- Where says the cost for commanding an infantry unit if it has 6 stands instead 4?
    2- On page 4, in Machines description says "Steam Bots, Gizmos, Large Warbeast, etc.)" What is Gizmo?

    That's all by now!

    1. Commands are based on stand number and unit type. The example given is four stands but the rules show the calculations.

      Gizmo is discussed in another supplement but is used here as flavor text to describe any steam or clockwork vehicle or contraption.

  3. Ah!
    3- What about the skirmish version for WtNW?

  4. Was never released. I have many playtests but instead cowrote pulp alley with david phipps and his daughter.

  5. Thanks for your answers, but I continue having problems with the size of the units. After reading the ruleset another time, I understand that, the infantry units could be of 4 or 6 stands. only affect to the command points when you change formation of the unit when the "unit greater than sex stands adds one to the Command Point cost for each stand after the sixth" (Page 11), so really the six stands unit will not have to pay more points, no?
    In the shooting Phase, I find the same case the ruleset says ""To issue an order to fire to a unit greater than six stands costs two additional CP for each stand after six" So, as the units has only between 4 or 6, they will no have to pay more points when receiving a order, no?

    Where is the mistake?