Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dragonlance - The Monks of the White Flame

So the party decided to go investigate the temple where to for earlier they watched a young man lose his head after trying to go into the pyramid Indiana Jones style.  They were already tipped off that the pyramid held a great wyrm dragon named Melkore the White and the Monks of the White Flame.

Legend tells of the white wyrm that can breath both fire and ice as she tore through swaths of Netherese mages after they in their hubris blew up a mountain to create their floating city and destroyed Melkore's den and her wyrmlings in the process unknowingly   Her revenge was so great that she toppled the second of the sky cities by herself and there sits on top of the ruined pyramid to this day. The day that the party enters the old chapel which smells of Worther's originals and old death.

Kas checks for traps at the pews and finds an old buzz saw that has been configured about human head height to remove any unwanted visitors.

Inside they are unable to see the gelatinous cube monstrosity that waits for them beside the far right pillar and watches them with an unknown hunger. Kas puts a sling rock into its side as he almost runs into it and that is when the monks of the white flame appear.

Quickly thinking the party tell the lead monk, Lord Balron that they were sent from the Dirty Balrog's Pitfiend owner Lord Markseh to obtain the amulet. Intrigued at this very clever but obviously fake story as the party were already detected as 'good' due to the presence of Xochtil the Irda, the monks continued with the ruse.

After some fun in game tongue waggling the rogue reached out and took the amulet from around Lord Balron's neck.  This set into effect a cascade as the party learned the true meaning of the word maximized magic missiles and dual sword wielder.

Much fun was had!  Kas like always stayed upfront, very strange for a kender rogue. Deliah stayed behind and peppered everyone with arrows.  Xochtil provided much needed healing and the new member Elrond the half elf fighter ran into the cube and slaughtered it and then a monk.

These monks were not 'monks' in the traditional dnd sense but they were mages and 'brothers of the white flame'.

The party was successful if not bruised up by the magics and oozes. Deep inside the chambers the dragon roared it's irritation at being disturbed and warned the party and the monks that they need to remain quiet.

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