Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Al Qadim - The Farmhouse Part II

In the last game if you remember the caravan master Garavel had sent the parties to investigate a farmhouse that was nestled in between a pair of hills.  Over the course of a few days the party noticed the bandits and also strange prints from the mantis-like thri-kreen following the party. 

Last week at the farmhouse the party battled with dire rats and a magical suit of armor. The farmer was splay open sacrificially and his essence was being used to power the animated pieces guarding the house. The rest of the family was found dead in the kitchen and the place was infested with dire rats. 

This week the party investigated the remainder of the house. Upstairs there were signs of a struggle and several people were hung over the ceiling draining into a large basin in the middle of a room. At the end of the hallway was an amulet of the hag lady Talona. The mage and the rogue Hakim decided to take the bodies down.

Meanwhile... After several encounters with the creatures and animated items around the farmhouse including a stitched together melange of animal corpses that had the head of a stag and the body of a cow, three ragamuffin type creatures and a ghost of the farmer quite intent on getting the party to leave the house since they took his sword, the party was able to defeat the haunt.

Downstairs in the cellar the party witnessed what appeared to be a pantry and necessary shelter turned into a ritual room. It was complete with a broken summoning circle and the symbol of the hag queen of disease and many burned down candles and containers of incense had since burned out.

The party found a journal of the father, his farmer's almanac and inside it among the crop notes and weather cycles he had hidden what had happened to his family in code. The son had apparently purchased a book called dungeons of the dark from the Zent merchants and had become quite fond of reading the book late into the night.

As it turns out, the man's son was dabbling in the arts (because the book was evil and taught people how to roleplay) and unfortunately the demon he contacted eventually overpowered him and killed the man. The man's corpse was hidden while the visitors merchants were killed one by one and hung over the cauldron  Meanwhile the woman was lost in sadness and kept to the bottom floor sewing waiting for her husbands return. Eventually the son killed mom and the demon performed a ritual with dad's body that created a minor haunt. The minor haunt animated pieces of the farmer's field and creatures while the spiders and dire rats. The party figured out the game and ended haunt by burying the man's wife's comforter and the body of his son. The party was able to keep the ivory handle sword and the gold that they found in the house.

Later it was decided by Garavel the npc caravan master that "We'd better sleep in the barn and stay out of the house."  The bandits never came by the farmhouse and in the morning they were all gone.

Highlights of the game included the mage using his heal check to sing "Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Little Ball of Fur..." to the catfolk summoner who was knocked out from magic attacks, the scorpion companion of the druid seeing the hidden nearby spiders and going to attack them when the druid and summoner didn't see them (and then the druid fell into a hole snare because the rogue was upstairs with the mage trying to take bodies down from the ceiling . The Oracle and Alchemist trying to negotiate with the ghost and later trying to figure out what it was that they could do to help him leave. The summoner's eidolon trying to eat the ghost. The critical hits!  There were lots of them! The roleplay.  No one joined a cult or learned any real spells this game.  The maps used in this game were the Farmhouse by Scryingeye games. I also used homemade terrain and roads.
"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..."

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