Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Al Qadim - The Halforc Spy

The party ended last night with a confrontation with another group of adventures who claimed kidnapping the Lord Al Halik Rahal.  A druid, centaur and half orc party. 
At the last minute the party witnesses the druid pull a wooden staff out of a sarcophagus and as he did so his skin turned to bark.  At that very minute, the half orc cowardly stabbed him dropping him on the spot.  A well aimed sneak attack by Fishknife slammed a knife into the half orcs throat. 
Alkash, the half orc rogue was quickly found to be a spy. The Tengu Oracle Zojah was able to heal the druid, Rylar from the brink of death. The curse of Rahal was lifted and the party buried Alkash in the same coffin.

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