Saturday, February 23, 2013


Great news! Brad Shier has finished sculpting the McCoys. The faction looks exactly like you would expect the faction to look with Drunk Bob carrying a bottle of beer, grandpa with a moonshine jug and Jim with a stick o'wood (that's 2x4 pop). The McCoys have been sent to the caster and you should be seeing painted masters very soon!

New Cover - Book III

Name Change

We are changing our name to Dastardly Design Games. Look for our new logo and trademark coming soon!  Our blogspace will be changing to the name as well and we will be removing

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Al Qadim - Under Alhalik Rahal

The Al Qadim game last week featuring Scrying Eye, Dwarven Forge, DND Miniatures, Reaper Minis, Hurst Arts Molds and your very sinister DM.

Our party continued to research the room in which the other band mysteriously disappeared.  After several hours of contemplation they decided to reserve the room for themselves and while there do some snooping around.  Keen eyes picked up on a trap door hidden under a rug under the large oak table. The table was surprisingly easy to move given it's size (although was not itself magical just made in such a way as to facilitate easy moving). The trap door opened down. Just as the party were about to explore the door in burst the catwoman summoner who told them of the plight of Shaharazad, Rahal's main wife.

The gist of it was that apparently he and his most trusted men have been missing for quite some time and she was beginning to get worried.  To add to the strangeness of the situation, a group calling themselves "Abelicans" were seen about town these past two weeks and more recently a half orc and centaur appeared looking for someone they called "The Missing One".  No one was sure who that was based on description but the party decided to investigate and see if they could find the missing Lord and the Horse Masters.

Once below the trap door they found themselves in an underground cavern directly underneath the bar about 120 feet!  The cavern itself had the sound of running water and the light seemed to disappear into the darkness beyond.  In the distance Fishhook and Hakim could hear voices to which Esmeralda began loading her crossbow as did (forget Tom's character's name-Oracle). Farhad, now an Oracle of light, seemed to be different somehow but moved quickly placing light on his bolt and shooting it into the distance to illuminate.

The party easily found some lizard critters that seemed to be used as guard dogs. The critters would rush up and scout but run away before they could be engaged. The party put a stop to this by following the critters and having Whitecloud toss magical rays to abate their advance.

Meanwhile, the source of the voices were revealed after a few minutes of sneaking up on them the party were able to identify the purple robes of one as a member of a cult from the west called The Cult of the Dragon! What was worse was that these two individuals did not appear to be interested in the party in the least and indeed all attempts at communicating with them were never met with a response. Eventually they gave up and attacked the group to which a scream from their sentries above followed by the slamming of what had to be the trap door. (It was magically sealed hence why they had a hard time breaking it later even though it opened down. I figured they would use knock or open but they never did either).

Once the ruse was set the 1/2 party made their way back in all haste to the door while the other half continued to explore. The group at the door spent several rounds trying to smash down the door with various techniques to bash down the door ultimately failed. The ratperson Esmeralda had an idea and used acid to weaken the hinges which allowed the rest to break through the door to the other side.

Meanwhile.... inside the cavern the lizard creatures parents engaged the party as two huge lizard beasts thundered forward, one slamming into the fighter and the other critically fumbling and slamming into the wall beyond its intended target.  A battle ensued with magic, horn and muscle in which the creatures would attempt to gore the party while they attempted to get their blows in and dodge out of the way of the gore attacks. The catperson enlarged her elidon shadow mastiff but the poor creature critically fumbled and went head first into a knocked down lizard's horn impaling itself and suffering a grievous wound.  Luckily, the Oracle of Light Fareed was nearby to aid the party in their ultimate victory.

Once the threat was abated and the top secured the party continued into the chasm to find an alter and several dead members of the cult of the dragon holding golden goblets in their hands.  To the far side of the room a prison cell which had a broken lock and was sitting open could be clearly seen.  Esmeralda smelled poision inside the goblets. This did not appear deliberate but what were they doing down here? At that point I ended the game after fifteen rounds of combat and exploring.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Game Decks

We are happy to announce both the When the Navy Walked Core Game Deck and the It Came From Beyond the Still Events and Mutations Decks are now available as print on demand from wargamevault!

Icfbts Deck