Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WTNW in 1/285 (6mm)

This Christmas/New Years break I have had long discussions with our sculptors and the time has come to create a full range of miniatures for the When the Navy Walked game.  As some of you already know, we released a limited number of 15mm through JTFM Enterprises a few years back.  We have played the game using 6mm and it works pretty much the way that it was designed to work with machines and capital units really standing out on their own.  As such we have decided that we want to offer battle packs that consist of the entire section I or section II of an army directly out of the WTNW Revised Core 2nd Edition rule book.

It is our plan to start with the British Northern Colonial Army first.  The goal is to have my guy sculpt up the figures and vehicles as we go from one army list to another.  This should give players enough miniatures to play with just picking up one of the battle boxes.  Each box will be priced competitively and will include everything in the section!

As an example here is what is in the British Northern Colonial Army Section One in the WTNW Revised Core:

- Major General Winston II (CinC) - Leader stand with leader and retinue
- Ganges Battalion (British Rifle Ground Unit) - 12 infantry with three poses
- Highlander Division (Elite Rifle Unit) - 12 infantry with three poses
- Field Howitzer 24lb Battery - 2 Guns, Crew, Limbers
- Littleton Class Landship Cruiser, Mark II (Capital Unit) - One large capital unit

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