Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Superdungeon - Aboleths

The party has gone down into the depths to battle the aboleth menace.  While down there they are teleported into a prison room where Sigrid falls unconscious and the room is covered in glyphs of madness and glyphs of blasting.  The party does not see the glyphs of blasting because they are invisible.  They naturally read the madness glyphs and lose perm intelligence. The dwarf played by Eric is blasted to a 6 int while Sigrid is left unconscious 

The zen archer dwarf (different dwarf) decides to shoot his flaming arrow at the wall and it hits the glyph of blasting. I roll for the glyph (which has been enhanced since they are level 16) and roll 72 points of damage.  Dwarf says "You think I am dumb" to which the party then sees three crystals and I hear "Detect magic" from the zen archer dwarf (summoner), detect evil from the cleric of helm and "detect solution" from the elf Tyne.  So far great night!

Not to mention earlier that Tyne rolled a 42 for knowledge.  I told him "you know the solution but not the question". haha.

Then Tyne casts see invisibility and was like 'yeah...'.

Casting light on the crystals sent a beam of light to all three crystals revealing a dimensional stairwell.  The party cast daylight and this caused the stairwell to become material at least partially. Tyne using her planar knowledge, was able to determine it was an astral bridge and once on the other side they were able to determine they entered the domain of Demigorgon deep in the Infinite Layers of the Abyss.

Once the party emerged they battled two very powerful stygian aboleth mages. Flying above the flooded domain they crashed into the water to enter an underwater dry cave to once more do battle with aboleth mages where they surprised about half of the aboleths and greater stygian skum who were worshiping at a well.  A terrific fight ensued with polar rays, meteor swarms and holy blasts that resulted in a party member almost turning into a fishman and a hard fought victory for the party.

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