Monday, January 14, 2013

ICFBTS faction painting

On Friday 1/04/13 Robert tasked me with demoing his game It Came From Beyond the Still at the various game stores around town. I finally got a chance to prime 3 of the factions and start painting today, a little later than I wanted to start but life does not always work as we plan.

Tomorrow I'm stopping by the FLGS to arrange a day and time to demo my first game. My goal is to get at least two factions painted and sealed 3 would be better. I will have the blobs finished tomorrow evening and I will start working on the Greys and Hatfield clan too. So with out further ado here are the factions at the various stages they have gone thru today.

And here are the Grey's and Hatfields awaiting to get painted.

The Cephalopods and The Grey's Robot are waiting to be pinned and glued. I have 3 MIB figures at the Po box and the Meddling Kids are on the way. After I speak with the FLGS I will post the date and time of the demo.

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