Thursday, January 17, 2013

ICFBTS faction painting report #2

       Well I finished the first faction which was the Blobs , the Grey's and the MIB have their primary coats and Halto (the Grey's robot enforcer) is assembled. I have a half day at work , so will be taking care of some personal errands and hopefully doing a dry run with my kids on the Demo for Saturday at FLGS.
     Once I get home tonight the POA is to flesh out the Grey's, MIB, prime Halto, and put primary coats on  the Hatfields and the robot.
     So without further ado lets meet the Blobs!!!

      Yes I know all three pictures are of the same faction , but I wanted to bring each model to the foreground to show them off. Plus when the camera came out these guys just started mugging it up so had a mini photo shoot.

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