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ICFBTS Demo game at FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store

     On Saturday 1/20/13 at FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store located  in the Sun Coast Comics building on 17. Robert Adams and his wife Melanie came out to support and provide much needed terrain and minis to run a successful game. I am thankful to them both and Mark the gentleman we were able to convince to give ICFBTS a try. It probably helped that Mark is a friend of Roberts and enjoys giving him a hard time, as friends will do, while playing a game even one you create.
        The guys at FLGS were great and let us set up at the first game table at the front of the store. I setup the table as quickly as I could placing out factions, rosters, pens, and dice. I used most of the miniatures that Robert has for the factions, which are the masters for the ICFBTS the factions. My painted Blobs and Halto, the Gray's Robot were the only minis of mine used. So that will explain the difference in the quality of painting on the various factions. I ran the Mutant Chicken Scenario (with some modifications) from the basic book but we did use one of the factions from the second book It Came from Beyond the Still something is in the sauce. This was the MIB with their scientists and forget me sticks.
          The scenario starts do to a young gray mishandling a probe and mutating his subject , for our scenario it was a poor unfortunate toad.

         This model was one of Robert's from the Arkham Horror game for us it was our mis-probed toad. The Toad starts in the center and our factions start around the board. The main objective of the scenario is to stop the poor rampaging toad. We also gave each faction a secondary objectives:

         MIB   - capture, secure and escape with the alien toad
         Gray's-  probe 4 different DNA samples
         Blob's-  consume 4 different DNA samples
         Cephlapod's -
         Hatfield's - takeout 4 different Aliens (which includes MIB since they aint Hatfields)

The Hatfield's 

Cephlapod's  before Mark supplied the Tripods (aka 40k  dreadnoughts)

The Gray's

The Blob's
        The MIB setup by their secret base disguised as a double-wide.

the table after the first turn

         The first turn was mainly people jockeying for position and the poor toad running around using his flame breathe on models. He barbecued one of the Hatfield's prize cows which solicited several shots from Ma and Roxy. Cephlapod's moved up their tripods and proceeded to unload on the poor unfortunate creature. While the MIB moved into position to access the situation and start containment procedures. The Gray's sent out a scientist and probed a deer. This is the same deer the blob's were sneaking up on to make a meal.

Deer probing demonstration by the Gray's while the Blob's sneak up.
        The second turn started to go a little sideways for some reason the MIB scientist decide to shoot at Roxy. This prompted a retaliation of the Hatfield's sending Rex to dispatch said scientist , which Rex did with much glee and vigor. It was later discovered back at MIB HQ the scientist was a thrice removed cousin of the McCoy's and temporarily lost control during the fight.  In the mean time the Cephlapod's continued their attack on the toad with occasional attempts of mind control and metal terrorizing of the hillbillies and the Gray's. The Blob's went on to sample the deer even after the gray's shot it with their ray gun.

             The next turn goes even more sideways as the Cephlapods split their attention between the Gray's, Hatfield's and toad. They manage to take out one of the Gray's warriors and lead scientist and put some more wounds on the toad. meanwhile the gray's attack the blobs with their robotic minion.The MIB move into position to attempt capture while Roxy attacks the creature. The toad uses all of it's attacks but takes out the tripod that has been hitting it.

             Finally MIB scientist gets into position to capture the creature the first attempt fails with the toad breaking free. Mean while the Gray's and Hatfield's totally stop the Cephalpod's advance it was uncanny how  unknowingly they were working together. Robert was controlling both so when the Ceph's went down he took control of the Hatfield's.
      While the action in the center of the board the intergalactic goo squad decided they had enough of the robot minion and retaliated.
         Next turn has Roxy and Rex attacking the MIB as they attempt to get the creature off the board. Roxy get whammied with a forget me stick and rolls poorly, so for the next 2 turns runs around the board screaming.Rex on the other hand likes the smell of MIB and just sits and wags tail at the nice agent. The remaining two Gray's and their robotic minion maneuver to attack the blobs some more as the Blob's stealth across the board intent on consuming the toad. On their way the stopped to eat a grizzly bear.

        The last couple of turns consisted of MIB moving the creature to the other edge of the board, the Hatfields whittling them down with their shooting, and the Blob's and Gray's chasing. The female MIB scientist got closed to the edge and victory but Rex took her out with his devastating charge.

            MIB moves another agent into position to grab the cave, but the hillbilly marksmanship of the Hatfield's force them to be eliminated. the creature has failed every attempt to break free due to my poor dice rolling.

            With the MIB eliminated, the Gray's unable to get close and the Blob's inability to hit the caged toad. Ma Hatfield and her clan successfully took down the poor caged toad with their unwavering fire.

       Thus ended my first official demo of It came from beyond the still unfortunately this action report is a week late. So my memory of the session is not 100% on the minutia hopefully any who read this will enjoy and see what a fun game  It Came From Beyond The Still is to play. In the mean time I am attempting to finish painting the faction miniatures I have, acquire more terrain, practicing my demo skills with my kids.
        as i write this my plan is to hopefully have another demo at FLGS for February sometime around 16th or 23rd. I have not locked the date in but once I do I will let everyone know the date and time.

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