Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Thrust Supership

New Years day pop and I played a game of Full Thrust. He used the Federation and I made a supership of the Super Star Destroyer Oblivion and two Star Destroyers.  We used the entire 10 foot table section and filled it with planets, space stations, asteroids and debris fields.  Each of us used 2500 points for our fleets.  He had something like eight ships.

The Oblivion, Ursa's Fist and Volon Flame launched fighters to include tie, tie advanced, interceptors and bombers at turn one.  Dad launched his fleet of fighters on turn one.  Both wings of fighters headed directly toward the space station and asteroid field.  Then I surprised him by launching a second wing of fighters and headed straight for his capital ships.  

He broke off three of his federation ships including the Stargazer and two lighter cruisers while he kept his main force back away from my level 4 beam weapons and missiles.  A few turns later and our fighters were in the thick of it jinking and dodging each other.  His three capital ships engaged my fleet which made quick work of his ships when I rolled something like 34 dice on one broadside against his one ship and 18 against another ship.  His capital ships did not do too much damage to any of my star destroyers.  Then his battleship began firing photons and unfortunately his die rolls were terrible and that put him at a serious disadvantage. 

Good tactics played by dad but my fleet stayed on course and punched through and in the end his fleet were crippled and unable to fire their weapons due to internal hit destroying most of them. Unfortunately we never did finish the battle but had we continued I believe that the Oblivion and the two star destroyers would have ended the federation fleet.  As dad said before we started "Today is a good day to die is the name of my fleet".  Guess he was right...

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