Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FOW, MtG, New Store Oh My!

Went by Borderlands today and ran into Don and some of the guys that I have not seen in several years. The usual suspects were also there playing Captains Log and Warmachine.  Don was however playing Flames of War.  Now I pretty much have always had a love/meh relationship with this game. Years ago I picked up a copy of the core rules while at a Siege of Augusta but quickly sold the rules after my dad and others got me into Rapid Fire.  Well today I finally sat down and gave the game a go - I liked what I played.

The Good
The game uses a very nice command mechanic that focuses on the troop quality much the same way that Force on Force focuses on the troop quality.  The command mechanic allows infantry to be within x distance depending on if they are conscripts, trained or elite troops.  The cool thing that I liked about the game is that there is basically a roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save mechanic similar to 40k which means that it's easy enough to get into.  The fact that each die stands on its own is also a very appealing mechanic to me.  Too many times games have you add some combination together to get x number which must be compared to some esoteric number.  This is something that I do not like about 40k but that FOW seems to have bypassed altogether with the each die stands alone mechanic.

The Crunchy
The fact that this box above comes with a combination of plastic and lead and contains a platoon of Shermans and a couple of Fireflies with an American Paratrooper company and a German company and a German platoon of Stug IIIs.  The price tag comes in under 100.00 usd which is very appealing to me.  Some of the other tanks that were for sale by the same company though were upwards of 200 for a company of tanks.  The other cool thing is that I have some friends that already are into this game so if I pick up this main box I can flush out my forces with some plastic tanks and some of the aircraft I already have.

The game is in 15mm and seems to fit well.  I also like the crunch Vietnam packs but unfortunately they do not have a single battle box for nam and from what I was told by some of the guys the Nam rules are not very good.  This does not dissuade me, however, and the 15mm battlefield miniatures nam figures may be in my future. Who knows, maybe I'll sell all of my 20mm nam and replace it with 15mm.

So I have basically convinced myself to pick up this game. I plan on picking up the army box and painting up both armies.  This will give me enough to play with.


In other news, we have a new game store - Phoenix Games.  I stopped in today and spoke in length with one of the owners - I think his name is Brett.  I picked up a copy of Zombie Attack Dice and showed it off around the store.  Everyone really likes this game.  This is the game that my buddies at Attack Dice came up with when they were still running their old game store Sanctuary Comics and Games.  I am one of those people who still yearn for Grailquest to return. Anyway, I ran a few passes of zombie dice and the card gamers in the store ate it up.  Then my eye caught the magic cards sitting on the shelf.

Now there's something that you should know about me.  I used to be into magic.  A LOT.  I used to have cards and cards and cards of the crack ... and I was good too.  Well I spoke in length about the new updates to the game with the guy and eventually picked up the same color combination of my very first magic deck - green/black.  My favorite color combination.  As I opened the package I actually got goosebumps and smiled at the guy as he pulled out his red/blue control deck that he had made himself.  It was a very nice deck.  We sat down together at the counter and played three games.  The first game went to me with my 5/5 trample deathstalker wyrm thing that tore up his deck.  The second game went to him as he kept killing my critters and removing them from the game.  One cool artifact that he ended up with was some kind of lance that gave +x/+0 to a critter when equipped (x being the number of instants in the graveyard) it also gave the critter first strike and while I kept blasting the critters with the lance, the lance just stayed around in the game.  Apparently when you blast a critter with equipment the equipment reverts to an artifact and stays in the game.  Anyway the third game I wised up and started sacrificing my weeines to the ooze and monsters in my decks and the final game was 12 to -3 when my 9/9 trampler got boosted with a +/3/3 -3/-3 (to another critter).  Needless to say, hello Magic. I'm back.

Edit 1/31/13 - Played again today and played someone with a white/black control pacify deck. I won two of the three games. I am really loving this game.

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  1. Went to get my box today and someone else had already picked it up! I had them order me one.