Saturday, January 26, 2013

Al Qadim - The Haunted Temple

We have all been down with the flu this past week and I am just getting around to posting two week's ago game.  The last Al Qadim game took the caravan into a desert oasis which had a very special temple in the shape of an insect sphinx. It was half buried in the desert.  The caravan warned the party to stay away but well even the depths of Nod have to be explored by the adventurers no matter the cost right?

The party very carefully explored the temple but while moving toward it noticed that as they approached they seemed to be much further away from the oasis until finally they were unable to trace their steps back to the oasis.  The Oracle divined that it must be something to do with the previously found treasure with the Djinn that had them trapped.  Once at the temple they made their way inside cautiously and after working several various gears and levers they were able to find a hidden alcove which held the door latch. Still being very cautious they looked at the other side of the room with its beautiful painted walls of the death rites of Nod (think ancient Egypt) and found an identical lever!  I was so proud of them!  They got the timing perfect and opened the door without incident!

Next the breath of God (well very likely because I took it right out of Last Crusade. Once across they finally got to the burial chambers to find the dead bodies of soldiers in a beautifully painted room.  More exploring they found that casting light on one of the reflective surfaces illuminated the entire room and a hidden passage beneath. Once the passage was opened some of the dead bodies decided not to remain dead.

Several minutes later and the cleric was at deaths door.  A spirit entered her body and at the same time another entered the warrior.  Both of the characters were instantly changed during this transformation/haunting that happened in the temple. It was not prearranged but it worked well since both players wanted to change their characters.  Basically both the warrior and cleric passed away at the temple and the spirits of the Nod were well fed. The party left with some treasure.

Once outside the party noticed that it was mid day and that the caravan had long departed. It has been an entire week inside that temple in what seemed only like hours to the party...

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