Saturday, January 26, 2013

Airships and Skypirates Review

Delta Vector did an independent review of Airships and Skypirates over on his blog.  You know he mentions that we use full thrust mechanics in the game. I got to thinking about this talking to pop this morning and he had mentioned that he did not introduce full thrust to me until after I had written the original Core WTNW book with the 4-5-6 rule mechanic.  Not that I am saying that Jon wasn't the first to come up with that full thrust/dirt side mechanic but I just think it was pretty cool that those mechanics were similar to the ones already being used in mass scale games.  I think I pulled some of the mechanics out of Johnny Reb and Napoleon's Battles but there are many like internal hits and sabotage that are my own.  I really liked this review. It was spot on in my opinion. As far as writing stuff down, we have that covered too.

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