Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FOW, MtG, New Store Oh My!

Went by Borderlands today and ran into Don and some of the guys that I have not seen in several years. The usual suspects were also there playing Captains Log and Warmachine.  Don was however playing Flames of War.  Now I pretty much have always had a love/meh relationship with this game. Years ago I picked up a copy of the core rules while at a Siege of Augusta but quickly sold the rules after my dad and others got me into Rapid Fire.  Well today I finally sat down and gave the game a go - I liked what I played.

The Good
The game uses a very nice command mechanic that focuses on the troop quality much the same way that Force on Force focuses on the troop quality.  The command mechanic allows infantry to be within x distance depending on if they are conscripts, trained or elite troops.  The cool thing that I liked about the game is that there is basically a roll to hit, roll to wound, roll to save mechanic similar to 40k which means that it's easy enough to get into.  The fact that each die stands on its own is also a very appealing mechanic to me.  Too many times games have you add some combination together to get x number which must be compared to some esoteric number.  This is something that I do not like about 40k but that FOW seems to have bypassed altogether with the each die stands alone mechanic.

The Crunchy
The fact that this box above comes with a combination of plastic and lead and contains a platoon of Shermans and a couple of Fireflies with an American Paratrooper company and a German company and a German platoon of Stug IIIs.  The price tag comes in under 100.00 usd which is very appealing to me.  Some of the other tanks that were for sale by the same company though were upwards of 200 for a company of tanks.  The other cool thing is that I have some friends that already are into this game so if I pick up this main box I can flush out my forces with some plastic tanks and some of the aircraft I already have.

The game is in 15mm and seems to fit well.  I also like the crunch Vietnam packs but unfortunately they do not have a single battle box for nam and from what I was told by some of the guys the Nam rules are not very good.  This does not dissuade me, however, and the 15mm battlefield miniatures nam figures may be in my future. Who knows, maybe I'll sell all of my 20mm nam and replace it with 15mm.

So I have basically convinced myself to pick up this game. I plan on picking up the army box and painting up both armies.  This will give me enough to play with.


In other news, we have a new game store - Phoenix Games.  I stopped in today and spoke in length with one of the owners - I think his name is Brett.  I picked up a copy of Zombie Attack Dice and showed it off around the store.  Everyone really likes this game.  This is the game that my buddies at Attack Dice came up with when they were still running their old game store Sanctuary Comics and Games.  I am one of those people who still yearn for Grailquest to return. Anyway, I ran a few passes of zombie dice and the card gamers in the store ate it up.  Then my eye caught the magic cards sitting on the shelf.

Now there's something that you should know about me.  I used to be into magic.  A LOT.  I used to have cards and cards and cards of the crack ... and I was good too.  Well I spoke in length about the new updates to the game with the guy and eventually picked up the same color combination of my very first magic deck - green/black.  My favorite color combination.  As I opened the package I actually got goosebumps and smiled at the guy as he pulled out his red/blue control deck that he had made himself.  It was a very nice deck.  We sat down together at the counter and played three games.  The first game went to me with my 5/5 trample deathstalker wyrm thing that tore up his deck.  The second game went to him as he kept killing my critters and removing them from the game.  One cool artifact that he ended up with was some kind of lance that gave +x/+0 to a critter when equipped (x being the number of instants in the graveyard) it also gave the critter first strike and while I kept blasting the critters with the lance, the lance just stayed around in the game.  Apparently when you blast a critter with equipment the equipment reverts to an artifact and stays in the game.  Anyway the third game I wised up and started sacrificing my weeines to the ooze and monsters in my decks and the final game was 12 to -3 when my 9/9 trampler got boosted with a +/3/3 -3/-3 (to another critter).  Needless to say, hello Magic. I'm back.

Edit 1/31/13 - Played again today and played someone with a white/black control pacify deck. I won two of the three games. I am really loving this game.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ICFBTS Demo game at FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store

     On Saturday 1/20/13 at FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store located  in the Sun Coast Comics building on 17. Robert Adams and his wife Melanie came out to support and provide much needed terrain and minis to run a successful game. I am thankful to them both and Mark the gentleman we were able to convince to give ICFBTS a try. It probably helped that Mark is a friend of Roberts and enjoys giving him a hard time, as friends will do, while playing a game even one you create.
        The guys at FLGS were great and let us set up at the first game table at the front of the store. I setup the table as quickly as I could placing out factions, rosters, pens, and dice. I used most of the miniatures that Robert has for the factions, which are the masters for the ICFBTS the factions. My painted Blobs and Halto, the Gray's Robot were the only minis of mine used. So that will explain the difference in the quality of painting on the various factions. I ran the Mutant Chicken Scenario (with some modifications) from the basic book but we did use one of the factions from the second book It Came from Beyond the Still something is in the sauce. This was the MIB with their scientists and forget me sticks.
          The scenario starts do to a young gray mishandling a probe and mutating his subject , for our scenario it was a poor unfortunate toad.

         This model was one of Robert's from the Arkham Horror game for us it was our mis-probed toad. The Toad starts in the center and our factions start around the board. The main objective of the scenario is to stop the poor rampaging toad. We also gave each faction a secondary objectives:

         MIB   - capture, secure and escape with the alien toad
         Gray's-  probe 4 different DNA samples
         Blob's-  consume 4 different DNA samples
         Cephlapod's -
         Hatfield's - takeout 4 different Aliens (which includes MIB since they aint Hatfields)

The Hatfield's 

Cephlapod's  before Mark supplied the Tripods (aka 40k  dreadnoughts)

The Gray's

The Blob's
        The MIB setup by their secret base disguised as a double-wide.

the table after the first turn

Al Qadim - The Haunted Temple

We have all been down with the flu this past week and I am just getting around to posting two week's ago game.  The last Al Qadim game took the caravan into a desert oasis which had a very special temple in the shape of an insect sphinx. It was half buried in the desert.  The caravan warned the party to stay away but well even the depths of Nod have to be explored by the adventurers no matter the cost right?

The party very carefully explored the temple but while moving toward it noticed that as they approached they seemed to be much further away from the oasis until finally they were unable to trace their steps back to the oasis.  The Oracle divined that it must be something to do with the previously found treasure with the Djinn that had them trapped.  Once at the temple they made their way inside cautiously and after working several various gears and levers they were able to find a hidden alcove which held the door latch. Still being very cautious they looked at the other side of the room with its beautiful painted walls of the death rites of Nod (think ancient Egypt) and found an identical lever!  I was so proud of them!  They got the timing perfect and opened the door without incident!

Next the breath of God (well very likely because I took it right out of Last Crusade. Once across they finally got to the burial chambers to find the dead bodies of soldiers in a beautifully painted room.  More exploring they found that casting light on one of the reflective surfaces illuminated the entire room and a hidden passage beneath. Once the passage was opened some of the dead bodies decided not to remain dead.

Several minutes later and the cleric was at deaths door.  A spirit entered her body and at the same time another entered the warrior.  Both of the characters were instantly changed during this transformation/haunting that happened in the temple. It was not prearranged but it worked well since both players wanted to change their characters.  Basically both the warrior and cleric passed away at the temple and the spirits of the Nod were well fed. The party left with some treasure.

Once outside the party noticed that it was mid day and that the caravan had long departed. It has been an entire week inside that temple in what seemed only like hours to the party...

Airships and Skypirates Review

Delta Vector did an independent review of Airships and Skypirates over on his blog.  You know he mentions that we use full thrust mechanics in the game. I got to thinking about this talking to pop this morning and he had mentioned that he did not introduce full thrust to me until after I had written the original Core WTNW book with the 4-5-6 rule mechanic.  Not that I am saying that Jon wasn't the first to come up with that full thrust/dirt side mechanic but I just think it was pretty cool that those mechanics were similar to the ones already being used in mass scale games.  I think I pulled some of the mechanics out of Johnny Reb and Napoleon's Battles but there are many like internal hits and sabotage that are my own.  I really liked this review. It was spot on in my opinion. As far as writing stuff down, we have that covered too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cards for Icfbts and Wtnw

We have approved two sets of play aids which will be available print on demand from rpgnow.  both are card decks.  One is a twenty two card deck designed to fit the mutations table when cultists summon a servitor or elder for It Came From Beyond the Still.  The other is a full 72 card deck featuring all the internal his, damage results, combat actions, sabotage and condition markers for When the Navy Walked.  These sets will be very affordable and well worth the little extra to spruce up play.  I received my hard proofs today and they are fantastic!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ICFBTS dry run of demo scenario

   Sitting  here after packing up my paints attempting to have a few more factions ready for the demo tomorrow. My kids were kind enough to let me use them as test subjects, so I can hopefully run a good demo. We had the grays, the blobs, the hatfields, and the MIB facing off against the mutant chicken.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

ICFBTS faction painting report #2

       Well I finished the first faction which was the Blobs , the Grey's and the MIB have their primary coats and Halto (the Grey's robot enforcer) is assembled. I have a half day at work , so will be taking care of some personal errands and hopefully doing a dry run with my kids on the Demo for Saturday at FLGS.
     Once I get home tonight the POA is to flesh out the Grey's, MIB, prime Halto, and put primary coats on  the Hatfields and the robot.
     So without further ado lets meet the Blobs!!!

      Yes I know all three pictures are of the same faction , but I wanted to bring each model to the foreground to show them off. Plus when the camera came out these guys just started mugging it up so had a mini photo shoot.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Convention Schedule

We will be demoing our games at the following 2013 Conventions - Siege of Augusta, Gnomecon, Spring Recruits, Historicon, Free Comic Book Day (Dwaynes Comics Kingsport, TN), Nashcon, Origins, Gencon, Rapier, Hurricon. We are likely to add conventions as we get our playtesters and demo teams setup so look back for updates to this schedule!

ICFBTS faction painting

On Friday 1/04/13 Robert tasked me with demoing his game It Came From Beyond the Still at the various game stores around town. I finally got a chance to prime 3 of the factions and start painting today, a little later than I wanted to start but life does not always work as we plan.

Tomorrow I'm stopping by the FLGS to arrange a day and time to demo my first game. My goal is to get at least two factions painted and sealed 3 would be better. I will have the blobs finished tomorrow evening and I will start working on the Greys and Hatfield clan too. So with out further ado here are the factions at the various stages they have gone thru today.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Superdungeon - Aboleths

The party has gone down into the depths to battle the aboleth menace.  While down there they are teleported into a prison room where Sigrid falls unconscious and the room is covered in glyphs of madness and glyphs of blasting.  The party does not see the glyphs of blasting because they are invisible.  They naturally read the madness glyphs and lose perm intelligence. The dwarf played by Eric is blasted to a 6 int while Sigrid is left unconscious 

The zen archer dwarf (different dwarf) decides to shoot his flaming arrow at the wall and it hits the glyph of blasting. I roll for the glyph (which has been enhanced since they are level 16) and roll 72 points of damage.  Dwarf says "You think I am dumb" to which the party then sees three crystals and I hear "Detect magic" from the zen archer dwarf (summoner), detect evil from the cleric of helm and "detect solution" from the elf Tyne.  So far great night!

Not to mention earlier that Tyne rolled a 42 for knowledge.  I told him "you know the solution but not the question". haha.

Then Tyne casts see invisibility and was like 'yeah...'.

Casting light on the crystals sent a beam of light to all three crystals revealing a dimensional stairwell.  The party cast daylight and this caused the stairwell to become material at least partially. Tyne using her planar knowledge, was able to determine it was an astral bridge and once on the other side they were able to determine they entered the domain of Demigorgon deep in the Infinite Layers of the Abyss.

Once the party emerged they battled two very powerful stygian aboleth mages. Flying above the flooded domain they crashed into the water to enter an underwater dry cave to once more do battle with aboleth mages where they surprised about half of the aboleths and greater stygian skum who were worshiping at a well.  A terrific fight ensued with polar rays, meteor swarms and holy blasts that resulted in a party member almost turning into a fishman and a hard fought victory for the party.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Thrust Supership

New Years day pop and I played a game of Full Thrust. He used the Federation and I made a supership of the Super Star Destroyer Oblivion and two Star Destroyers.  We used the entire 10 foot table section and filled it with planets, space stations, asteroids and debris fields.  Each of us used 2500 points for our fleets.  He had something like eight ships.

The Oblivion, Ursa's Fist and Volon Flame launched fighters to include tie, tie advanced, interceptors and bombers at turn one.  Dad launched his fleet of fighters on turn one.  Both wings of fighters headed directly toward the space station and asteroid field.  Then I surprised him by launching a second wing of fighters and headed straight for his capital ships.  

He broke off three of his federation ships including the Stargazer and two lighter cruisers while he kept his main force back away from my level 4 beam weapons and missiles.  A few turns later and our fighters were in the thick of it jinking and dodging each other.  His three capital ships engaged my fleet which made quick work of his ships when I rolled something like 34 dice on one broadside against his one ship and 18 against another ship.  His capital ships did not do too much damage to any of my star destroyers.  Then his battleship began firing photons and unfortunately his die rolls were terrible and that put him at a serious disadvantage. 

Good tactics played by dad but my fleet stayed on course and punched through and in the end his fleet were crippled and unable to fire their weapons due to internal hit destroying most of them. Unfortunately we never did finish the battle but had we continued I believe that the Oblivion and the two star destroyers would have ended the federation fleet.  As dad said before we started "Today is a good day to die is the name of my fleet".  Guess he was right...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WTNW in 1/285 (6mm)

This Christmas/New Years break I have had long discussions with our sculptors and the time has come to create a full range of miniatures for the When the Navy Walked game.  As some of you already know, we released a limited number of 15mm through JTFM Enterprises a few years back.  We have played the game using 6mm and it works pretty much the way that it was designed to work with machines and capital units really standing out on their own.  As such we have decided that we want to offer battle packs that consist of the entire section I or section II of an army directly out of the WTNW Revised Core 2nd Edition rule book.

It is our plan to start with the British Northern Colonial Army first.  The goal is to have my guy sculpt up the figures and vehicles as we go from one army list to another.  This should give players enough miniatures to play with just picking up one of the battle boxes.  Each box will be priced competitively and will include everything in the section!

As an example here is what is in the British Northern Colonial Army Section One in the WTNW Revised Core:

- Major General Winston II (CinC) - Leader stand with leader and retinue
- Ganges Battalion (British Rifle Ground Unit) - 12 infantry with three poses
- Highlander Division (Elite Rifle Unit) - 12 infantry with three poses
- Field Howitzer 24lb Battery - 2 Guns, Crew, Limbers
- Littleton Class Landship Cruiser, Mark II (Capital Unit) - One large capital unit