Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cephs and Hatfield Masters Complete!

As promised, here are the final masters for the cephs and the Hatfields.  After careful consideration of costs we are going to move toward casting portions of the cephs and the ceph tripod in resin for final production. Thank you all for your support!

The Cephs!
J'Lvan (Ceph Leader)


The Hatfields!
Ma Hatfield (Leader)
Cousin Daryl Hatfield

Roxy Hatfield
Cousin Ed Hatfield
Jenny Hatfield
Rex Hatfield

Monday, August 27, 2012

Reaper Bones and ICFBTS Big Top Edition

ICFBTS The Big Top Edition is off to the editor!  I am pushing for a release date for Reel to Real of October and of Big Top Edition of December of this year.  This will put the Missing Link at Spring 2013 and  Heading Home for Summer of 2013.

This version is really a theme book.  It contains all of what scared the crap out of me as a kid at the circus.  I was able to get a cage match scenario in there too!

I look forward to your feedback!

Also has anyone else heard about the announcement Reaper has made about allowing people to contribute to the kickstarter post kickstarter?  Wow!  The Vampire level is 100 bucks and they give you 240 figures or more! Here's the announcement.

"Yes, if you did not pledge Vampire and don't upgrade to Vampire, you can still get the options and 
extras but they will cost you about 20% more rounded up to the nearest dollar over what is listed here."
"if you did not pledge at all and want to still get involved, you will have to enter at the Vampire Level and it will be $150 and not $100 as a base price. It's going to retail at $500 so it will still be a great deal. You will also have to pay the extra 20% for the options and extras.'
These two statements implicitly imply that if you HAVE pledged Vampire Level or Upgrade to Vampire Level and you are an existing backer, there is no increase in the amount needed to add the options and extras you want. Therefore, yes you can add more to your pledge and get options and extras."

Saturday, August 25, 2012

BYAG - GnomeCon Panel Part II

Hey guys, here's the second installment of Bring Your A Game's interview during the panel I hosted with Richard of Arkham Horror Fame at Gnomecon.  Enjoy!

Part II

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Game Based on the Psychotic Experience of Man of La Mancha

I watched the musical with my family yesterday "The Man of La Mancha".  Now I have not yet before seen the musical (and we still have a little left to watch) but I can tell you that I thought that it was a riot!  The idea of the guy charging headlong at the windmill when he thought it was a giant all the while listening to his 'squire'  speak encouraging words. He charges the windmill and as one would expect he falls off his horse.  Then ensues a very funny bit where he is spinning around on the arms of the windmill shouting 'have at thee' and phrases from Authorian medieval times.

The idea is a very famous one.  In fact, the book was written in 1605 and the plan in 1968.  Check it out for yourself here! Man of La Mancha.

The premise is that a Spanish/Mexican man having become fed up with the injustices of society snaps and transforms himself into a knight of the old world.  He rides off and has all manner of adventures.

What if there was a campaign whereby the players were anachronistically acting out scenes from ancient greece or rome while set in a medieval time?  Or one that is set in modern age and has the players being from medieval times?  I think it would be a hoot.  They would of course all be nuts but it would be a riot to run such a game.  So who wants to play something like that?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Actyi Compound is Sieged

So the experiment where I was using random treasure and monsters came to am epic battle in last night's game.

After discussing with the party about how in creating the Actyi Order they have basically helped create themselves a story that can continue indefinately.  We mused about how in the future we plan on having the players play various members of this new order so we can tell other parts of the story together.  Everyone seemed very happy about this prospect especially since they also play the high level "npcs" of the area as they are their higher level pcs. Reminds me of Ars Magica in a way and my friend Robert and I are very used to having characters advance to what we call Birthright levels.

Down to brass tacks then as we open with the party returning from town to their complex which borders the now small city of Fairhaven and sits between the city and the Borderfort Bar the Blue Bat.

A cry of alarm is sounded as an adult red dragon, six huge firegiants and a host of ogres and hobgoblins attack the complex and city.  They are led by a huge balor.

The battle was intense and I basically had the higher level followers and pcs fight while I described the battle in narrative.  The red went invisible and took to the sky. The fire giants hurled flaming boulders at the party while the ogres and hobgoblins raced toward the city!

I have to hand it to the party because they very efficiently used their people and their giants to good effect against the attackers.

Check out our forum!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If You Were a DnD Monster

Today on facebook an interesting photo passed my way. I have copied it here along with my answer. 

I would be a beholder because I like to control magic with my antimagic cone while being able to keep an eye on the party, my treasure and my minions while packing enough spells to disentigrate them all should they displease me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shark Week

Like many of my friends I an glued to the Discovery Channel one week out of every year.  Shark Week is a tradition in my family that started on 1988 during the Rodney Fox first episode.

I have always been a fan of sharks...I have dreamt about them since I was little and yes some of those were nightmares but along with admiration comes respect for the ocean's apex predators.

This year the Discovery Channel has recreated the Cacaradon Meglodon. This is the biggest shark to have existed.  I have known about Meg for a long time though and am a fan of Steve Alten's Meg series.  I highly recommend them if you get the chance to read them do it!

The stats in most rpgs do not do justice to sharks, especially prehistoric ones like Meg.  This got me to thinking about Sharks and what we could do to have marine adventures featuring them.

A good trillogy of books from Forgotten Realms features a marine theme including fish men. It is called the Threat From the Sea and it features a meg in the book series!

So now armed with sharky knowledge I am looking to do something different. Maybe something no other game designer has done.  I want to write from the perspective of the shark and I want to make sure he's well equipped for the job!

Meg next to Great White

What is your favorite shark?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Master's Cast!

Great news guys!  Jeff over at Fortress just emailed me that the masters were done for the Hatfields and Cephs.  I do not have pics yet and I still have the Grays here and am waiting for the completion of the McCoys but this is a very good sign!  Pics coming soon!
Also, I have added a sixth book to the lineup for next year in the IFCBTS line.  Imagine what would happen if the hillbillies stowed away on the aliens ships and invaded the aliens planets!?!  ICFBTS: Headin Home will be the sixth book in the line.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Town & Steampunk Dragonlance Game

Sometimes it is just fun to play around in one's gaming room.  This morning I did just that.  I thought it would be fun to do a town square that I will use in the upcoming games. 

The Dragonlance Steampunk game was a blast last night.  My wife's character was kidnapped and the others had to find out who was framing them in stealing the bones of Huma's silver dragon and of an ancient Irda from the Ossuary of Habbakuk in Palanthas.  The party did some tracking and found their quarry hidden in the warehouse of a guild of merchants and rich kids. A cancer mage was taken out but the evil druid Talon escaped with the Irda's blood!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Tower of Triskilyan

The heroes of the company of Actyi continued forth and encountered a strange tree floating in the sky.  After a time investigating the tree the dwarf and.cleric of helm discovered a farie dragon behind the illusion.  The knights and the others stood in awe at the sight of the sage of Shadowdale as he emerged from behind the tree, scolding the fae dragon.

"Well met adventurers.  Your friends are walking into a trap."

Gnomecon Panel - Game Design - Richard and Robert Part I

Back at Gnomecon earlier in the year Richard Launius and I hosted a game design panel.  Bring Your A Game was on hand to record what we said. Here's part One.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

15mm WWI, WWII, Zombies and Pulp For Sale

I am continuing to dig up stuff that I no longer need.  As before I would like to sell these guys in lots. Please email me or respond to these posts if you are interested in anything. Lots include shipping if you are in the contiguous US.

Lot 01 - Lot of British Tanks (15/20mm)
These are three die cast and four plastic kits that I used for my 20mm.  
I am asking $25.00 for the lot.

Lot 02 - 15mm Various
These are a mixture of 15mm diecast and plastic kits.  
I am asking $40.00 for the lot.

Lot 03 - 15mm Zombies
This lot contains four AFVs and a bunch of unopened Rebel Minis!
Everything you need to play ATZ, Ambush Z or Mortiston USA!
They include Soldiers, Civilians, Zombies, Cultists, Vampires, Mummies and Aliens!
I am asking $55.00 for the lot.

Lot 04 - 15mm WW1 Minifigs
This lot includes Germans, French and mortar teams.
I am asking $50.00 for the lot.

Lot 05 - Flames of War - Russians
This lot includes three blisters of Flames of War Russians and an assortment of other Russians.
I am asking $40.00.

Lot 06 - Pulp Action!
This lot includes Rebel Minis Pulp Heroes, Monkey Boys, Cavemen and other goodies for a pulp game!
I am asking $40.00 for the lot.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

20mm Modern & Cold War, Space 1889 and Houses for Sale

I have the following for sale. If you are in the US the prices below cover shipping.  If you are outside of the US shipping will be additional.  Please feel free to make an offer on any items that you see below that you wish.  I am selling them as lots.  Your money will go to continue to fund our game design projects including sculpting of new miniatures for ICFBTS and WTNW.  Thank you!

Lot 1 - 20mmJihad by Stan Johansen
5 bags of unopened miniatures
18 lose figures.
These are all insurgents.
Asking $55 USD.

Lot2 - 20mm Cold War
3 bags of USA
4 bags of Africa
6 bags Russian
6 bags of Mercs
Asking $100.00 USD

Lot3 - Ralgard Fleet for Uncharted Seas.  
Unopened. Asking 60.00 with shipping.

Lot4 - Space 1889 Figures by RAFM.
These are collectors editions folks!  I am asking $70.00 for the pair.

Lot5 - 3 Large Houses suitable for 25-28mm gaming.
I am asking $60.00 USD for the houses.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shadowrun - Adventure Two Synopsis

Shadows of the Pirate’s Cove
Adventure Two:  So Many Rising from the Dead, Is it Election Time Again?

It was a bright sunny day in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and our crew was trying to figure out what happened to Zed’s body.  Now it is unusual for someone to steal a corpse but usually this is done by someone outside the morgue.  Seems that something inside the morgue at the governor’s office on Court street pulled Zed out of the slab, burned away the door with some kind of acid (might have been toxic magic) and then escaped.  Weird, chummer, just weird! Even for the Sixth age.

After speaking with Gemini’s contact the group was surprised to hear that “the issue with Angela Princess has been resolved” in the best Corp speak inflection old Aims Johnson can summon.  One of those final statements that mean we are dealing with it and no, it ain’t your business.  If they just say that it would not feel so drekkin ominous.  So Ares (Serena) and the crew decided to hit the bazaar, she had to return the vehicle she borrowed from the dwarf at the docks who pointed out where Zed had went.  This was where the “issue” the Amazonia Corp had “resolved” tried to kill them.  This being a hit squad of 12 Chromed Muscle, a Troll and hidden magical support.

Pisces had his handful with an elemental and Ares kept busy with the Chromers.  The Ogre sliced up two unfortunates that happened to be closest to her and then went toe to toe with the Troll.  Between Gemini’s potshots the team was taken down and the wage mage made his escape.  In his hurry he left the mage scope tube he was using.  A 25 meter hollow tube roughly one inch in diameter with a system of mirrors and lenses inside allowing one to see what is at the far end no matter how the tube is coiled.  See directly enough to cast magic that direction you dig!

Seems that a Johnson for another Corp had hired Zed and his Jolly Rogers to kidnap the girl and they are the ones to give them the support needed to crack into the resort.  Evidently this was an attempt to blackmail Intel from Amazonia’s R&D department, long in planning, but the party’s resourcefulness destroyed their entire operation.  The suits in Amazonia new enough from Gemini’s data feed of where the girl was taken to understand that Juan Emanuel Princess was compromised.  The girl, now useless to them was sold to the Kiddie Farm in San Ceredo via a merchant that operates out of Tortuga.  The party was able to gleam this much from the Troll they captured who was one of the leaders of the Hit Squad that assaulted them on the docks.

Two days later Ares gets an eFlyer that got stuck in her commlink.  After Gemini debugged the glitch in her PAN the messages were released.  This one was an obituary announcing the funeral of one Angela Princess, beloved eleven year old daughter of Juan Emmanuel Princess, Vice President of Research and Development for Biological Mana Affecting Agents for Amazonia Industrial Carribe.

So it is when you work with the Corps chummer.  Rival competitors take their failures out on you and the resolution to an issue of an abducted child is to just tell everyone she’s dead.  Well, you pays your monies and you takes your chances.  Nuyen is Nuyen and the Shadows don’t reward those who rely on others for their Intel or Security. 

Still I think the horoscope for our crew of Zodiac inspired agents might be prophesizing that someone is gonna answer some questions soon, runner style!  Wish our crew good luck, chummers, they gonna need it!


“All I wanted to get was some shrimp for my momma’s gumbo recipe but once again being tied to corp has gotten us in a bunch of trouble so like a croc I snuck around the fish stand while the guys were sneaking up on.  Faster than Mo Jones I dodged the bullets but some caught my side. Guess we win some and lost some.  Was not really ready for a fight but at least I got up my reflex spell before they summoned that elemental.  I asked for something spicy to throw the guy off and that’s when they did it!  Shoot I told them to hold on and cool off and summoned a sea spirit of my own.  Well sir the old hothead and my old man of the sea fought and kept each other busy while the old mage tossed a fireball at me.  I like it spicy but this is crazy!  At the end I got to change into an aligator and scare the troll.  Was fun Cheri, was fun.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Picasso - A Thriller

So I wrote a book.  It's a novel, well technically a novella but well we won't argue semantics here. This is my first large fiction.  As many of you already know I had previously written a young adult short story called The Darkness Within and have my illustrator working on the art for a children's book Bernie the Bird Who Was Scared of Heights.  This is a much more different type of book as it is aimed at mature adults.  The book itself is a thriller about a serial killer and a team of detectives in Jacksonville, FL who are trying to catch the killer.  The story is full of my own thoughts about Jacksonville, FL as well as some popular references.

"When some familiar grisly evidence arrives at the station the detectives must relive demons of the past. Now a copycat serial killer has begun a killing spree that eerily haunts Detective Sarah Camp. This one is known for hurting innocents and he is on the rampage in Jacksonville, FL. A copycat is on the loose but can Detectives Sarah Camp and William Morris stop the killer in time or will the body count continue to rise?"

"Detective Sarah Camp crept along the cold slippery steel beam of the Dillon building holding her Heckler & Koch P30V3 9mm semi-automatic pistol in her right hand as her left groped about in the moonlight darkness for the supporting pylons. The black polymer grip felt good in her hand and reassured her as she caressed the gun. The 9mm held a special place in her heart having saved her butt on countless occasions. She lovingly referred to it by the name Phillip."

Check it out on Nook, Kindle and on Createspace!

Amazon - Kindle Edition

Barnes and Noble - Nook Edition