Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hatfields

Here's the final sculpts for Ma, Roxy, Jenny, Cousin Daryl and Cousin Hatfield!

Here's an early version of Neuron. He's a telepathic gray who means to take as many samples as he is able to fit into his probe! Neuron is the leader of the Grays faction.

Hatfields vs Mccoys - Aliens?

I watched part one of the Hatfields vs McCoys last night. I think it was good but it needed more aliens. I mean a gray could have used  telepathy to figure out who owned the pig!

Work Continues

I looked at Attack Dice yesterday. Maybe smaller games is the way to go? Well work continues on Icfbts Reel to Real, the Icfbts miniature line, the fourth installment of When the Navy Walked and a secret card game project!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Somethins in the Sauce - Softcover

We have softcover copies of the book It Came From Beyond the Still - Somethin's in the Sauce.  This book features zombies, cultists and elder gods as well as the Meddling kids! Get one by purchasing it at your local FLGS or by clicking the picture of the It Came From Beyond the Still bookcover to the right!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wounded Warrior Project

Mel and I will be running the 8k Wounded Warrior Race here in Jacksonville on Sept 8. I will be posting a donation link shortly but all proceeds go to help a wounded vet! This is something very close to our hearts! Thank you for your donation.

Here's the link!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ma Hatfield vs the Giant Radioactive Blob

Well today's playtest was fantastic! The titanians silver scream beam and.cold fusion weapons brought forth all manner of nasty BMovie greatness. We were able to test the rules for the Weedies, Titanians, Giant Radioactive Blob and the Yetis.

We played several games all paying about an hour. The effects went well too with Tornado  Buttered Popcorn being what we pulled. The last game.featured a tornado and the Giant Radioactive Blob. The Hillbillies had to work hard to defeat the blob.

In all I only had to make a slight change to how the Blob worked and everything else worked very well.

The tornado as well as the blob will be special order items but yes you will be able to get them.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Building by Miniature Building Authority.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gaming as a Business

I often get asked why I do what I do and how I can find the time and still work a full time job.  The answer is quite simple, until one starts to earn enough capital to do this full time the gaming business is only a side deal.  There are many instances of people out there even big names that all have day jobs.  Do I want to have to have a day job? Well I think you can figure out the answer to that but the fact remains that I do and it is a good albeit very challenging one.

Personally, I believe I could do this full-time, design games and write, if only there were enough people out there who wanted the products. This isn't a pity party though it is a business and at the end of the day people will either get what I am selling or they will not get what I am selling.  As it stands right now people are interested but with the economy the way it is people are cautious what they spend their hard earned money on. Really who can blame them? I am excited about the prospect that ICFBTS may be our new flagship game.  It certainly has the potential which is why I have elected to start a full miniature line for the books.  Only time will tell though.  So for now I will continue to write games and novels in my spare time until such time as I am doing this full time. Either way, however, I am a professional.

Tonight, however, I am a DM and as a DM I get to tell stories and take out some of the frustrations of daily living out on imaginary characters and monsters.  Tonight is a very important game for the Dragonlance group.

Reminder: It Came From Beyond the Still : From Reel to Real play test game at my house this Sunday from 1:30pm until 6:00pm.  If you are in the area come on by!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beholder - gone in sixty seconds

The twelfth level superdungeon party decided to try to catch the patrol that had left the fort before they attacked it. Using the knowledge of Robert the Captain turned prisoner they avoided the double back and arrived safely at the meeting place where a Beholder and his group were plotting on attacking nearby settlements.

The sneaky party caught the force by surprise! I rolled a three for the deepwood snipers on sentry and a two for both the beholder and illithid.

Fifty eight points to the beholder before it even acted and the combination of fireball from bard and lightning bolt from their dragon cohort toasted the illithid. Fun game!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

ICFBTS - Introducing the Factions!

Kickstarter is Back!

That's right we're well on our way to getting these guys sculpted up by Fortress Figs by August so we have re-launched the kickstarter with a much less lofty goal of $500.00.  I am sure we can do this and I have faith that we will be able to do even better now that everyone can see how awesome our sculptors work is going to be for this project! In this kickstarter backers will get to choose their very own customizable factions when the project is funded up to one of each depending on their level of backing.  That's right! You get to choose your very own faction. If you want the Hatfields, McCoys, Cephs, Grays or Blobs all you have to do is ask. Here's what we're planning

Six Hatfields including Rex the dog!
Six McCoys
The entire Gray landing party including Neuron and the Giant Robot!
All of the Blobs on the list (and certain backers will get Jr!)
Three Cephs and two tripods (Harvester and Warmachine)

This is just the start though folks because if we can meet our goals with this kickstarter we will be able to continue on and start with the Men in Black, Men in Plaid and the Revenuers! We will be able to offer ALL of the factions for the first book. That's not all though because if we start reaching stretch goals we're going to commit to sculpting the Zombies, Cultists, Granger, O'Dairy's, Meddling Kids, MIPs, MIB and Revenuers from book two as well!

We're not done yet! We also have THREE more books planned to release within this year and early next year including The Big Top Edition, The Missing Link and From Reel to Real! It doesn't get anymore hillbilly/redneck versus aliens and all sorts of beer and pretzel craziness than this!

So you want a good game that's a lot of fun to play without the fuss of a million rules AND the figures to play? Well step right up and join our kickstarter! Grandpa McCoy is counting on ye!

Pathfinder - Skybattle

As our heros neared Kenderhome their lookout spotted three Lizardmen airships in the distance but closing fast! The party and crew of the Harkangel did a good job fighting off the lizardmen and Draconians. The battle lasted three full minutes worth of combat rounds in which spells, cannons, and arrows were exchanged. In the end only the larger of the ships crippled away into the night sky.

The party captured one lizardmen crew and forced him using magic to tell them why the lizardmen where after the party. The pitiful creature told them that the demons which were awoken by the humans who they helped escape fein the swamp demanded their spelljammer helm back. In further investigation including a blood walk spell the party learned that the big bad demon was in fact a fiendish greater barghast and not the baylor he impersonated.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking into Fiction

I just completed my first work of fiction that is not specifically designed for a game. This is the story of Andy, a thirteen year old boy who is trying to juggle high school, classes and girls. His dad's a crackpot archaeologist and his mom is in the loony bin.  This is the coming of age story about a young man whose life is falling apart and amid the chaos of school he has to contend with a darkness that is in his own soul.  Will the darkness consume him or will he triumph over the fractured world he has created?

Click on the badge above to go the B&N and get the ebook!

Thank you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

At 15,000 Feet

Below is an exerpt from a book I am currently working on.
It was dark and their searchlights could not possibly hope to penetrate the shadow shields we had placed around our fleet of ten strong airships. At an altitude of well above their sentries ability to detect we sat motionless over their city waiting for our spies to return on with the location of their hangers. My second in command, an old balding man named Rudolph looked down from our command platform into the control rooms below barking out my orders. He was a good lapdog and his quick insight to the minds of the Terrans had proved decisive in more than one battle.

The tide of battle was quickly turning and several of the enemy ships were splintered by the powerful blasters from the airship fleet. A loud siren sounded from nearby and I signaled to my crew to move our ships away from the damaged one. I watched as the devastated airship exploded into an ever larger fireball. The ion beams from the Terran cruisers had melted the precious armor plating around the balloon and a series of chain reactions sent off within the extremely combustible main hydrogen balloon engulfed the massive zeppelin in a matter of minutes.

We were safely away from the blast range of the airship but many of my friends were aboard that airship. The Terrans would pay dearly for this outrage. The high command would not be pleased that I had once again allowed those Terran Ma’harks to defeat another of their mighty airships. I ordered the maneuver of the fleet away from the flotsam of the enemy fleet but took satisfaction in knowing that at least I had accomplished the mission. The enemy had been destroyed.

Let Us Assemble

I watched the Avengers with my lovely wife after we left the local flgs from hanging out with our fellow 501st.

Is it just me or does anyone else really feel like playing a supers game after watching what I believe is arguably the best super hero movie ever?  Action, adventure, comedy and the end of the world - now THAT IS what super hero movies are all about!

The fight scenes, the bad guys, the special effects, the interaction between the team and then there was Nick Fury! Joss Wheton fans like myself say you did a mighty fine job sir, a mighty fine job!

Avengers - go see its in 3d at the theatres! Five out of five hammers!

So what is your super hero persona?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hillbilies vs Aliens

People have asked me what is going to make our hillbilies different from what is out there well for starters Brad Shier is doing them and we will have a unique range of weapons specific to the gane such as potato cannons. I am going to relaunch kickstarter but this time it will be for hillbilly and alien sculpts. Stay tuned! For photos of the new cephs check out the

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

20s Pulp Hillbillies or B-Movie Madness

We have been speaking with various customers to see what direction you would like to see ICFBTS go in next.  While we have the 20s Hillbilly pulp The Missing Link planned for the next release there has been significant suggestions for us to do a classic B-Movie horror stand-alone with a twist.  So I pose this question to you, our fans and gamer community. What would you like to see next for ICFBTS?

Superdungeon Attack on the Tower

It has been one year since Errtu arrived and the Abyssal Gate opened in southern Amn.  Now the party had decided to test the defenses of the fledgling demon empire by attacking one of the border forts still under construction. The attack was led by Tyne and their bronze dragon Azephil.  After a few minutes the.border fort lay in ruins and a small garrison of demonic and zhent followers lay among the dead.

The party attacked on several fronts causing confusion among the guards. Sigrid took on a succubus and.other.than a few hits with her whip the succubus did not fare well against the fighter.  Contingency the drow from Ebbron cast cloud kill and the zhents were toast.  The bard Quinlan and her escorts peppered the fort.with a hail of arrows and acted as medics. The demon hunter cleric and zen archer took their side without much resistance at all.

The fort was protected by a pair of mages, a small garrison, six zhents, Max a tiefling antipalidan, and a master wizard who summoned two succubus and an ice demon to defend the.keep. The party walked away living their wounds but the fort lay in rubble leaving only one answer to their question - the demon empire can be defeated!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Came From Beyond the Still - Somethin's in the Sauce

After long days of reading ancient Latin texts we have finally uncovered the secret for summoning the elder creatures and zombies but we must be on the lookout for the meddling kids and those half brained Men in Black Zombie Division personnel - not to mention those two new factions of hillbillies. ICFBTS is available now HERE or from wargamevault. Get it!