Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Super Quick Post - Pirates Ship

Merry Christmas! A really quick super fast post today.  One of the presents I got my son was the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl.  Now any PoTC affectionado knows that this is the main ship of the first movie (and subsequent movies).  It is the infamous ship of Capt Jack Sparrow.  What struck me as interesting as I opened the box for my son was the size of the ship.  An added benefit was that the ship already comes rigged and has a flat bottom useful for pushing across the carpet (or game table) :)

This got me to quickly thinking about what I could do to slightly modify it for use in 28mm games.  As some of you may know we are working on a pirate ship game called Blackflags that literally spans time of sea faring piracy.  These ships would make quick and cheap alternatives to purchasing model kits for the playtesting of the game. I plan on picking a few of these ships up before the end of the season if they are still on sale!  I hope you had a great one! I am off to play pirates with my son!

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