Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mission... We Don't Need No Stinkin Mission

Saturday I ran a game of It Came From Beyond the Still using our new miniature line figures from the Hatfields, Blobs and Grays. Initially, I had given everyone missions but the players had their own agendas as I was soon to learn.

I will give you the missions and a brief overview of what took place just so that this is as complete as I can make it, as admittedly I cannot remember everything that took place last weekend. The players were as follows: Eric – Hatfields, Dad –McCoys, Mel – Blobs, Susan – Grays, Me – Revenuers.

The mission that I selected for the game was a combination of Moonshiners All Night and A Midsummer’s Night Skinnydip, both from the second book. The aliens had a joint mission to capture as much DNA as they could and to steal the stills from the hillbillies. The hillbillies had a joint mission to be the first to collect three ingredients for their still to make shine. Separately, each player had their own mission as well with the McCoys trying to find the long lost bones of Confederate General McCoy buried in the graveyard of the Hatfields, the Hatfields trying to find a bottle of shine that they knew the McCoys had stolen, the Grays trying to refuel their spaceship with shine and the Blobs driving in on a garbage truck to steal the trash of the hillbillies. Lastly, Suzy McCoy and Ed Hatfield were making out in the apple orchard and needed to safely return to their respective clans. This scenario called for special rules in that the couple would not shoot at one another or attacks one another and would defend the other if they were fired upon.

Well the missions went out the window right from the start with Mel trying to sneak around Dad’s perimeter and the Hatfields “Having none of that!” blasting at them from round one! The Grays began to probe the local wildlife to mixed success (in this scenario the wildlife fought back) and the McCoys began collecting ingredients for their still. This round pretty much went by the slowest with me explaining the rules to everyone. It seems most people are used to a roll to hit, roll to wound type game and the fact that my game requires only one roll seemed to throw them a bit I think.

The next few rounds had sirens blaring in the distance with the hillbillies warned that revenuers were nearby arresting shiners. The Blobs continued to take on the McCoys with one blob attacking Drunk Bob and sending him running for the chicken coup. Grandpa McCoy came out guns a blazing but shot mostly the woodpile where the blobs were hiding. The garbage driven by blobs truck continued to roll into the area heading straight toward the McCoys house! The Grays started to engage the McCoys blasting at them with green stuff but the McCoys jumped in a truck and sped toward the Grays granting them much deserved rest as the truck slammed into several causing them to take dirt naps. The giant robot meanwhile engaged a grizzly bear and a mountain lion. Meanwhile, the couple snuck to the edge of the orchard and noticed revenuers sneaking around in their car – so Ed decided to shoot at them.

The shooting drew the attention of the McCoys who ganged up on the revenuers and welcomed them with shotgun and rifle blasts of their own. Sheriff McCroy responded with his boys opening up on the McCoys before driving straight into the woods into the cougar. Only to be hit by the heat ray of the gray. For special reasons I decided that this heat ray completely disintegrated the revenuers (car and people in all) so great was the roll made by Susan. This defeated the revenuers and ended the game.

Highlights of the game:
· Cousin Darryl Hatfield tried to hotwire the UFO only to find it was out of gas (Shucks!)
· The McCoys vs. Revenuers
· The Heatray taking out the Revenuers in one shot
· Neuron having a cow following him around after he successfully probed it
· Ma Hatfield and her cleaver versus Neuron using her wiles to get the alien enticed
· Neuron using his telepathy to scare the heck out of Hatfields
· Grays running around probing things!
· Redneck jokes
- Blobs adding new addition to McCoys house!

The last few rounds had everyone engaging everyone else in a bloody stalemate. The Grays won with six of their five DNA samples collected with the McCoys right in second place behind for sheer meaness. Great fun was had by all.

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