Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Microarmor Saturday

Saturday December 15th I hosted a very large game of microarmor at my house.  As I was hosting I thought it only proper to go ahead and setup the table in advance for the game.  I have always been a fan of terrain, after all how many battles were really fought in an empty field?  Do you really think that those ACW and AWI battlefields you visit were filled with only flowers?  Most of them were filled with shrubs, trees and maybe even buildings!  The place where someone choses to fight is as important as how they chose to fight.  All that to say that I setup a table using my GeoHex terrain as a European country hilly stretch complete with sleepy villages.

The group was large – Chris, Sgt. John Burford (LRRPs in Action and LRRPs Team Leader author fame), Mick, Andy, Pop and myself.  Although I was hosting the game the specifics for the first game were established by Chris and since neither Mick nor Andy had shown up we decided to play without them. 

The first scenario had my pop and me against Chris and John.  I played a Canadian Striker battalion made up of tows and .25mm cannons while dad played with my US Marine LAV and Track division also mostly tows and .25mm cannons.  We were up against Chris’ Striker division and John’s FFL and VBER French.  The game was played using infantry AFVs with a ton of infantry.

The first turn we all took cover in the woods and on hills and as Chris approached my position by the villiage it became apparent that we would be in a stalemate.  The highlight of the game was dad’s charge of the light brigade which ended in disaster for all except one Track as it made it to the nearby villiage to unload its crew of infantry which then started harassing John’s main line up on the hill with tows and other small arms.

The second game (when Mick and Andy arrived) was setup by Mick.  We all got companies of MBTs. Mick and I got M1 Tusks, Chris played with Leopard IIs and Andy played with T80s.  The game was over after a few turns and I was able to hold my own against Mick, taking him out before Chris wiped the table with both Andy and me from his position on the hill.  We played the second game with a simpler set of rules for firing that I really liked.

Most of the day we spent chatting and we could probably have gotten more gaming in but it was still a lot of fun with a great bunch of guys.  Next time I hope to get a little more gaming in than we did this time. to follow...

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