Friday, December 14, 2012

Dragonlance - The Challange

The heroes have saved Palanthas and have been named as heroes of the realm and knighted as Sir or Lady.  The party was presented with various dragon eggs.  The dragons were supernaturally enhanced to age to young adult within a few short months.  Six months later, the party has a large lodge with its own airship dock, the airship has been upgraded to include a dragon aviary, chapel and workshop and the dragons have bonded to the party. Now we are playing dragonlance steampunk!

This episode on a routine patrol, Shevane, the Silver dragon of Telane spotted two airships flying black flags. Within about twenty minutes the airships had used their tellurian drives to avoid the notice of Palanthas airship patrols.  An ensuing battle with the party and dragons, airships, priman demon bats with tiefling riders and a short skirmish ending in a challenge from Lord Umbrage Darkenfate and his adult red dragon Banedriver - Maurlanth.  The party now prepares to begin attacking the outlying dragonrider patrols of Icereach in anticipation of the upcoming battle at the Gulf of Lost Souls...

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