Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Al Qadim - Game One

The Al Qadim game is off to a great start. We played the first session last Tuesday on a caravan heading from Kara Tur to Gana led by Master Woo.  The party started off either as members if the silk caravan guard or as merchants with the caravan (the choice was different for each player).

I broke the session into four distinct sections.  The first was roleplaying of the party as they moved with the caravan, the second an encounter with ashworm babies at an oasis, the third an ambush in a rocky pass and the fourth evening meal and challange by a Mamaluk.

The best line of the night was Eric when he said as Hassem after shooting at the sand where it moved and it started charging him "My arrow, she come back to me."

Overall everyone played in character and we had a great time.

Battle with Ashworms - The party had to use their skills and their combat abilities in the soft sand.

Mysterous Travelers at Oasis - They never did figure out the strangers angle.

Cave Scorpion gets mauled by giant claw on crit fumble using pf cards.

Roleplaying camp

The Sha'ir turning the sand to glass

The fight with the Mamauk who didn't want to follow the damned genie bloodsthe followed by exile of their surviving member to be traced down by the loregiver priest and just when I thought she was trying to kill him she gives him water skins.

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