Friday, November 30, 2012

River Monsters and Fishmen

Last week the party under the leadership of Tyne traveled to Rivertown to seek the assistance of the merfolk and river elves in the raiding of the Demon Empire.  Along the way they were attacked by water elementals and saughaun. With their ship not much more than flotsam they safely made it to Rivertown with a dingy from the main ship now sunk in the river and took up rooms at the Bait and Switch. During their stay they enjoyed the stylings of the local bard and met a drunken master dwarf named Grimvald who had a ship but it was sunk at the bottom of the harbor...

This week they continued to seek out the assistance of the elves and met with them in the lower decks of the Inn where the water actually had floating tables setup where the river elves could entertain visitors.  The elves asked the party to take care of the aboleth threat and soon the party was fast asleep. Later that night the dwarven zen archer of the party noticed something out of sorts.  A small boat was being loaded by robed figures.  They were loading sacks into the boat.  Wanting a better look the dwarf took to the inn stairs after waking his compatriots.

Once in the clean air the dwarf noticed that the boat had made it to the middle of the harbor and there was no one on board.  Using his dimension step ability he moved to the boat.  Once on the boat he was attacked by a massive sea reptile who seemed interested in him but not in the sacks.

The party joined in using their manta cloaks and other water breathing abilities as well as throwing in with ranged attacks to drive the monster down into the depths.  At once the boat started to sink (seems a reoccurring theme doesn't it?) and the party quickly started opening sacks only to find that they contained the unconscious form of children.

The rest of the game was spent gathering the children to the dock and trying to avoid the sea monster. I used the Elasmosaurus from the book but gave it alchemical enhancements of DR 10 silver and advanced it twice. This guardian beast was not destroyed by the party and it also was able to take on the level 16 with a good challenge. After rescuing the children and taking them back to their parents the party learned that the kidnappings occur about monthly in the town and the townsfolk blame the devil fishmen.

The next morning the party was treated to a heroes feast by the members of the town (not the spell) who were grateful for the return of their children. After some celebration including being presented with the key to the town the party was escorted to the island to await the elves who were to transport them to the aboleth lair...  The party arrived at the island and had second thoughts about the aboleths and instead tried to barter with the elves about just getting the fishmen and the sea beast.  The elves agreed but the party was left undecided at the end of the game.


  1. Great write up! Are you using random encounters or DMing for a group?

  2. Deano, thanks! I am the DM for several groups. Currently, we have two different Tuesday games (One set in Forgotten Realms and the other in Al Qadim [technically still Forgotten Realms]) and one bi weekly on Fridays which is set in Dragonlance and is 100 years into the future after the Fifth Age. The Dragonlance game is a steampunk game using the Pathfinder rules. The players all have dragons and a dragonspine airship in that game. Really fun! This was a planned encounter and is part of the "Superdungeon" Tuesday metaplot with the demon empire.