Monday, November 26, 2012

New Game Room Digs

I hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday season.  Some of my readers across the pond do not celebrate the same holidays as we here in the USA but I still hope you had a great weekend! We just moved into our new place and it has been hectic to say the least what with the end of year audits happening at work and trying to fulfill the kickstarter orders.

One really cool thing about my new place is that it comes with pre-built shelves in the garage game room custom ready for all of my gaming needs!  I took a few quick photos tonight to show off the digs. Yesterday my wife and I got the overhead shop lights up and running and soon we will be ready for games.

So far we've only had the one game with the players of the superdungeon game having a brief river adventure   where they are trying to make an alliance with the merfolk to see if they can get warships into the river to help in their raids on the demon empire. Tomorrow we will continue with our superdungeon Tuesday games and I am really looking forward to using the new room for what it is intended.

I have also started an Al Qadim game using the Pathfinder rules. So far we have only met and discussed the characters but the backgrounds for the characters have all been very detailed and I expect that the 1001 tales game will be a lot of good fun!

In miniatures news we have a Modern Microarmor game day scheduled for the 15th of December here at my house from 9:30 until whenever we are done.  We will be using Chris' modified Command Decision rules and it will likely be a large meeting engagement followed by some smaller battles (and lots of horsetrading with Mick and Chris and whoever else).

Here are the photos!

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