Monday, October 8, 2012

Yellow Plague Beastie

They found the lair of the cult just as the eclipse began!  Deep in the sewers they were confronted by a monster of legend.

What happens when the DM crosses a Giant Squid with a Mosasaur?

They fought valiantly against the tentacles when all of a sudden the ground roars and collapses to show the massive head of the giant beast! The centaur was swallowed whole, the rogue grappled by the tentacles and the wizards clawed. The Knight used his power attack to slice the rogue free of the grabbing tentacle! The rogue Kas used a maneuver to tumble past the creature into its head and stabbed it in the eye. Arrows, fireballs, indigestion, sneak attacks, celestial servitors and massive damage later they had a defeated monster!

This was just the guard dog...


  1. Beautiful setup! Did the centaur make it or was he a goner?

  2. Thanks Christian. Yes the Centaur Magus Firenaze made it out safely but he took hella damage from the acid inside the beast. It was a really fun game!

    I updated the photos for this post as well as the previous one as the blogger phone app quite literally sucks when it comes to picture quality uploads.