Monday, October 15, 2012

Superdungeon - The Merfolk Treaty

In the Tuesday group in case you do not know, Errtu the Demon Lord has taken over much of the southern Aminish boundaries and has pushed down into Calimshan as well.  The demon territory has been growing steadily and the players have formed the Acti (named after their brass dragon friend) to form an organized militia and adventuring company to combat the demons.  The problem is that there are border forts and walls protecting much of the demon empire boundary and the acti have had mixed results in assaulting the towers as almost as soon as they fall another rises in its place.  The Acti leaders are hopeful that if they are able to bring up warships they will be able to supply the warmachine with much needed ammo and food for the siege.

This Tuesday the Superdungeon main characters are supposed to go negotiate with the merfolk of the Amnish River.  They are negotiating specifically for the rights to bring shallow-hull warships up the river to lay siege to several towers that are in the demon occupied lands.  I have several nasty surprises in store for the party including the possibility of an Aboleth lair not too distant from where they intend to meet the merfolk. If I do that then I plan on providing some clues in the form of stagnant and corrosive water in places, disappearances of civilians in dock towns, etc.  I could also have a local group of Sahuagininstead of the aboleth but then I would need to have different clues.  It could also be a giant beast down there that the merfolk want dealt with such as a giant moray or some other nasty. However I think it would be fun to get your input on what should be down there as I know that Forgotten Realms offers a host of fun possibilities.  So feel free to weigh in and let me know!

Some ideas for what could be down there: (Basically what are the merfolk going to want fixed before they say yes to the proposal)

  • Aboleth lair (2-5 aboleth and several hundred skum)
  • Sahuagin tribe with those cool manta creatures (Indrixitl or something I believe)
  • Giant Beastie
  • Ghost Ship?
  • Angry Water Spirit
  • Something Else?

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