Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Steampunk RPG

So we are just about done with our first draft of the WTNW skirmish rules.  These are rules for platoon level engagements between like forces.  We are working to get something that will be a lot of fun and also very playable but that will also let you tinker with the mechanics to build your own tech.

As we progressed in the WTNW universe and further developed the metahistory of the world we were asked a good deal about the possibility of an RPG.  This has led to more questions regarding how things might be handled.  Would we use Pathfinder or create as my friend James puts it (ADS- you can figure out what that stands for I am sure) was the most common question.

So I put it to you, my readers.  What would you like to see in a WTNW Steampunk RPG?  The world of WTNW is already very rich and rife for playing extensive campaigns.  Is there a current system that you love that you would love to see it developed from?  Savage Worlds perhaps?  We do have a license.  We can also get licenses for Pathfinder.  The problem with OGL and that kind of thing though is we are limited in mechanics to the scope of what the game offers.  True we can change some of it but the core mechanics must remain the same for it to be a supplement.

So I ask you.  What would you like to see out of the possibility of a WTNW RPG?  All feedback is extremely appreciated!

Dream of Steam

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