Tuesday, October 30, 2012

May the Force Be With --- Mickey?

Wow!  Star Wars got sold to Disney today for 4.05 billion dollars.  This opens up many possibilities for the franchise including both prequels and sequels. I know personally I would like to see them do the Timothy Zhan Thrawn trilogy and also a few movies on Rogue Squadron.  Giving the heartkey to Disney though may be a good move as we hopefully will see better productions and less Jar Jar Binks destroying the galaxy. "Mesa is responsible for all dis evil." I for one hope that they do not do to Starwars what they did to John Carter (OF MARS GEESH) although I enjoyed the film they could have done better.  Hopefully this will breathe new life into a gallaxy  far far away but please do not go down the road that Indiana Jones went down....

So the new movie in 2015... What do you think it will feature?

Rogue Squadron
Emperor Roan Fell and the Gray Knights
Yuzan Vong
Legacy Series

Just please don't add more gungans or brats with super power!


  1. I would rather see the Wraith squadron made in film.


  2. Seriously need to jump to Legacy. ANYONE they replace the original cast with is not going work, and we will see nothing but terrible reviews and comparisons, and too many MEMES to count.
    Jump to Legacy, make it GOOD, and then they will have earned the trust of the fan base to replace the original cast and maybe even do remakes of the old films.

    1. The Gray Knights would rock. Plus they have Death's Head squadron and all of the angst between Kyle and his people.

  3. While part of me thinks Thrawn would be excellent to see on the big screen, i understand the issue with getting the original actors or replacement actors. So either legacy or something else completely that is running parallel to the original storyline, but they wouldn't do that, seeing how jedi are their big seller.

    1. If they did Thrawn what do you think about them using different actors for Luke/Leia and company?

    2. After seeing the Star Trek reboot and liking it, I think I could handle different actors playing the main Star Wars characters.