Monday, October 1, 2012

Hurricon and Kentucky Haunting AAR

We came, we saw, we sold some preorders of miniatures and we ran some games. That in a nutshell is how the convention Hurricon 2012 went for us as a company.  It was nice to see all of our friends and play in a few games.  Customers seemed to have liked the Cephs, Hatfields, Warmachines, Grays and Blobs that were on display and hopefully this is a good sign for our small company!  There was also a lot of buzz about the Reel to Real book that is coming out this month!

We are now taking preorders for all factions and ICFBTS III - From Reel to Real!  Email and we will get you an invoice alternatively you can wait until the website is completed.  Jaz has been working hard on the site and it is looking fantastic if I do say so myself!

Mike Baker, our Director of Marketing ran a very fine game of When the Navy Walked using the meeting engagement scenario in the core rule book.  The game was ran using 20mm Airfix models and some scratch builds that were very cool and showed well on the table!  Mike will get an AAR of that game later in the week.

The convention itself was attended by a little over 200 people and for some reason to me it seemed smaller than it has in the past.  I am not sure if that is due to the proximity of the holiday season or the economy or a combination of both but there were some old friends that I missed this year.

We ran our second game Saturday night opposite the always fun pulp game put on by Jacksonville Garrison’s Chip Coffee.  Now I usually play or help or both with that game but we had our own Kentucky Haunting to run. The Kentucky Haunting scenario is from the second book of It Came From Beyond the Still and it features zombies and cultists as well as hillbillies.  We took that scenario and added Something’s in the Cornfield from book one to get a table of six players.

The Kentucky Haunting Game featured Blobs, Grays, Cephs, Hatfields, McCoys, Men in Black, Cultists and Zombies!  I played the Cultists and Zombies and the players played everyone else!  The missions were as following:

  •  The Blobs mission was to eradicate the Cephs
  • Cephs were looking for some live samples and a cat that was hidden somewhere in either the McCoy’s RV or the Hatfield’s house.
  • Hatfields were trying to defeat at least one of every alien and protect their still.
  • The McCoys were looking for the buried bones of Toby, their dog which they believed that the Hatfields killed and buried in their graveyard.
  • The Men in Black were trying to capture an alien without anyone knowing as well as collect DNA samples from at least two other aliens.
  • The Cultists were looking for their cat, Fluffems (from Pet Taxidermy faction in ICFBTS Book III)
  • The Zombies were there to eat (what else would they be doing?)

Round One had everyone setting up with the Men in Black’s SUV and the McCoy’s RV getting caught on the stream bed.  The Blobs made a nice showing of immediately attacking the Grays who were as they put it “just there to probe some cows”.  The player of the Blobs and the Grays were husband and wife. The Hatfields immediately started shooting at the Cephs who retorted by shooting some of the Hatfields livestock for good measure. The McCoys got out of the RV and were immediately attacked by some strange alien creature that was summoned by the Cultists.  Rex Hatfield, always the intrepid companion, charged at the approaching Cephs and scored a hit that the Ceph player would later call “the death of that dog”.  Finally, the zombies lay low in the graveyard (no one was aware that they were there because they weren’t’ yet on the table).
Round Two had the Blob player sneak up on her husband’s Gray and knock him out of the game.  This was answered by the Gray Giant Robot shooting the Blob to pieces throwing the gelatinous creature into the woods.  The Men in Black engaged the Blob player in a game of cat and mouse and the Cultist Peggy the Hairdresser sent a newly summoned major servitor (Elder Thing) after the Men in Black. Granda McCoy ended up taking out the creatures in the woods and shooting Sam the Gun Store Owner (Cultist) until he fell down. Finally, the Cephs and the Hafields continued their attacks on one another with the Ceph capturing a prized cow for their live sample basket.

Round Three and the Elder Thing attacks the RV sending it screeching across the forest into the open where the Hatfields can see.  The Hatfields open up but the RV driver backs out after turning on the floodlights and seeing the hordes of zombies coming out of the graveyard.  Rex charges the zombies and falls down when a zombie bites him. The Hatfield player, a young teenage girl said “When can the zombie bite Rex so he can come back as a zombie?” This and “Well I didn’t know Blobs tasted so good” were probably the best lines of the night. The Grays were able to collect three of their five samples by the end of round three. The Blob player came riding in on a horse that they befriended (no kidding) and immediately ate a ceph.
Round Four had the Cephs engaging the Grays and the Ceph tripod vaporized poor Jenny Hatfield.  The Hatfields were avenged however when the Blob slid under their house and ate another Ceph. Luckily for the McCoy player he had just about wrapped up the cultists except for the Elder Thing which kept harassing the RV!

Round Six and the Men in Black had scored a capture of an alien DNA from the Blobs and were heading to collect more when another cultist monster appeared and attacked them!  GrandPa McCoy started digging around with a shovel and the Ceph’s warmachine was blown to kingdom come by the Gray Robot.
Round Seven had the Grays and the Cephs complete their objective with the Cephs finding Fluffems in the Hatfields’ house. Grandpa McCoy fended off the rest of the zombies and was in position to dig up old Toby when the Men in Black started zapping their Forget Me Sticks and the Blobs were left in the open explained as “Swamp Gas.” 

A big congrats to the Gray player who had the most to do but pulled it off AND taunted his wife in the process! Way to go!

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