Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When the Navy Walked - Hurricon 2012

ArmChair General, When the Navy Walked, at Hurricon 2012

Rob and I went to Hurricon this past weekend and had a good show.  Our demos of both When the Navy Walked and It Came from Beyond the Still were well attended and had lots of action.

When the Navy Walked

We played the meeting engagement from the core book with each side having 2 Infantry Battalions, 1 General, 1 Colonel, 1 Landship, 1 Machine, and an Artillery Battery.

The first 3 turns or so were spent maneuvering for position as the British and German forces found solid cover for their guns and infantry.  The machines also spent time maneuvering as the German Land Ironclad Blucher switched flanks in an attempt to turn the British left flank.


Turns 4-5 saw the artillery make life tough for both the infantry and the ‘clads as they opened up on targets of opportunity.  British guns primarily took the German infantry under fire while a combination of German guns and one of the machines attempted to take down a large “Penny-Farthing” type wheeled machine, prompting the commander of said contraption to call out, “they broke my bike”.  A valiant push by one of the German columns, in column, at the double through a hail of shot and shell damaged, but did not eliminate, part of the gun battery. 

 Turn 6 saw the elimination of the German spearhead as it was surrounded by the British infantry and shelled by the British artillery.  The British P-F took more damage, but refused to go down, as the Sovereign moved to bring the German Landship Blucher under fire.  British and German infantry engaged in a fierce close range fire fight in the woods on the German left.

Turn 7 and the British infantry turn their attention on the Blucher while the Germans continue to hammer the P-F which is looking rather pathetic with smoke and fire pouring out of it.  British rifle fire begins to tell, doing some damage to exposed portions of the Blucher’s crew and controls.  The Royal Sovereign is maneuvering to bring the Blucher’s flank into range for a shot.  The German and British infantry continued to hammer away at each other in the wild woods melee.

Turn 8, the end is here!!

The P-F finally gives up the ghost, but not before the British Royal Sovereign manages to cause catastrophic damage destroying the Blucher and giving the win to the British.  A real “come from behind” turnabout!  All the players had fun and really enjoyed the theme and the game.
Our new website is up and running and we are taking pre orders of all to cool It Came From Beyond The Still Miniatures that we have been previewing. 

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