Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday - Dragoncon Steampunk

It is Friday and we are fast approaching tonight's Dragonlance Steampunk game.  Last adventure, the party was able to ambush the cultists.  The cultists summoned a nasty servitor demon creature but ended up being wiped out by the players. One of the cultists was unmasked and the party was astonished when they saw that it was a member of the noble houses of Palanthas! Apparently this group of cultists working for the yellow king was in cahoots with the blackguard from Icereach?

I have absolutely not a clue what is going to happen tonight as I sent out emails to all players for various plot pieces.  They could try to take their Dragonspine Airship to Icereach to rescue the Lord Knight or they could try to ferret out the political influence in Palanthas that is behind the yellow cult.  They could also follow up on a lead that the Irda got regarding an ancient sword buried in the elven bloodwastes.  Then again, perhaps Bombottle's Mistress will make an appearance...

I picked up an airship map of the Strumpet from Scrying Eye Games while I was at Recruits for exactly this purposes!  Hey, we've been using Piazo's maps but an airship map is so much more in style with what we're doing!

The anticipation is really fun and I love days like this!


I also see that you guys have been very busy voting for our mission statement!  I really appreciate that!  So far it's looking like We Make Stuff Up is still in the lead but there are nine days left!  Keep those votes coming!


  1. so they are on an airship playing with poison dart frogs that are jumping all over their speljammer helm.

    the kender said 'apparently she's having the ship toad'

  2. wife just said 'did she croak?' now they are interrogating the woman...