Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Recruits Report

A Shaggoth on a roof...
We had an absolute blast at Fall Recruits! I arrived about midnight on Friday so I missed all day Friday but Saturday morning I was up early when James Miller of Scrying Eye Games (aka my ride) called me to tell me to get down to the hotel breakfast at 7:00 am.  We enjoyed a very quick but strangely satisfying breakfast and I met Shawn (the Zombie guy) and we proceeded to talk gaming, weather etc. It was very nice catching up with friends.

That morning was very good. I announced that we have released the presales for the ICFBTS Factions (Blobs, Hatfields, Cephs, Grays, McCoys and Ceph War Machines) with a price of only 24.99 per faction and 14.99 for each tripod!  We had several people drop credit cards right there on the spot and sign up for the prerelase of the miniatures which we anticipate will be November 2012.

I then schmoozed with Shawn and Peggy of Ambush Alley Games and we made the announcement that we are working on a secret project. The secret project is that I am writing the Steampunk Supplement for Tomorrow's War using my When the Navy Walked universe.  Unfortunately we didn't make a big announcement of it as the convention was already full steam ahead and we continued to sell and chat with customers.

A big thanks to Duane for getting me enough table space to run demos at my vendor table while I sold the product.  It allowed me to use James' wonderful Woods and Cabin in the Woods tile sets together to run demos to show everyone that came by how easy it is to get into a game of ICFBTS and how much fun too!

Mike Williams of Bring Your A Game ran a game of It Came From Beyond the Still which I had the fortune of sitting in and helping GM.  It was nice not having to do it all and I commend Mike on his knowledge and his ability to run a fantastic game! The Big Scary Monster was summoned on TURN ONE and well I played him and tossed goats, horses and cows at random people and had its fire breath attack the aliens. Hey, he was an equal opportunity kinda guy. Mike will post a full AAR on that game as I kept having to run back to the vendor table and sell games and keep an eye on our booth.

At five PM both ACG and AAG closed shop and went to play THE BIGGEST PIRATE GAME IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA!  I hardly type in all caps but this game deserves it.  Scott and the Mutineers put on a hell of a pirate game and I found myself really getting into the real-time feel of the game. I played the same ship that my friend Darby Eckles played last year - a Dutch Merchantman named Bangkok. While I didn't win enough gold to get the Old Glory Ship (Yep they were handing that out as a grand prize) I did sell a good deal of stuff and buy rum and hire a privateer.  Luckily we avoided the Kraken and all was well when we delivered the Rum back to the Dutch Port (cause war broke out and we couldn't bring it to the French).

When I say big I mean BIG.  There were three 30 foot plus tables and three giant tables with islands setup on them - Pirate Cove, Adventure Island and Cannibal Island... That last one makes me kinda not wanting to run off the map eh mate?

A great convention. I highly recommend it.

To recap:

ACG is writing the Tomorrow's War Steampunk supplement using the When the Navy Walked universe.

ICFBTS miniatures and book III are now ready for preorder! and are currently under construction and will be ready soon!

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