Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blisters or Boxes?

We are putting together our order forms here at ACG and we are looking at the very high costs of printed boxes versus the much cheaper alternative of blister boxes.   We are setting our price points at around 19.99 for a faction box of six models per pack.  This amounts to only just under 3.34 per model! Would you purchase a blister box of six miniatures if it was msrp 19.99? When you are purchasing miniatures do you really care about if it is packaged in a blister or a box? Your comments are greatly appreciated!


  1. I almost always do not care about a blister, box, or even zip bag (provided the minis aren't too delicate. The exception: complex minis with lots of parts, I appreciate a box assuming it has a picture of the miniature, so it helps figure out assembly when it isn't obvious. Price all depends on the look & quality of the minis and if there are repeats of all unique poses: $20 for 6 could be a bargain, reasonable, excessive, just depends. If for 6 nice unique minis that's quite good.

  2. Thank you for the comment! I looked at the price of minis and WOW have they gone up! It looks like we are going to be going for about $4.00 per figure or about 24.99 per blister box of six.