Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Tower of Triskilyan

The heroes of the company of Actyi continued forth and encountered a strange tree floating in the sky.  After a time investigating the tree the dwarf and.cleric of helm discovered a farie dragon behind the illusion.  The knights and the others stood in awe at the sight of the sage of Shadowdale as he emerged from behind the tree, scolding the fae dragon.

"Well met adventurers.  Your friends are walking into a trap."

They were told of the heart of Mystra that was locked between realms where many dwymoersinks lay around the Fire Tower that Tyne and company were approaching. In fact the did wish to defect but an elven lich named Triskilyan who betrayed his fellow elves by seeking undeath had already slaughtered all at the tower.  The party must return with the heart or all would be lost. 

Then they were teleported to the tower.

A battle followed as all around the inside of the tower the dead animated.  The fog covered and concealed everything outside twentyfive feet.  The party went up against minor deaths, acid bones, flaming skeletons and a beholder!  A vampire also tossed a maximized fireball which caused.the party to regroup as several followers and Tyne fell to the attacks.

The cleric called Crystalis her Couytl friend who warned them of the danger in the tower.  A decision was made to retreat but to return upon the morning for the realm of shadow were creeping ever closer...

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