Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Actyi Compound is Sieged

So the experiment where I was using random treasure and monsters came to am epic battle in last night's game.

After discussing with the party about how in creating the Actyi Order they have basically helped create themselves a story that can continue indefinately.  We mused about how in the future we plan on having the players play various members of this new order so we can tell other parts of the story together.  Everyone seemed very happy about this prospect especially since they also play the high level "npcs" of the area as they are their higher level pcs. Reminds me of Ars Magica in a way and my friend Robert and I are very used to having characters advance to what we call Birthright levels.

Down to brass tacks then as we open with the party returning from town to their complex which borders the now small city of Fairhaven and sits between the city and the Borderfort Bar the Blue Bat.

A cry of alarm is sounded as an adult red dragon, six huge firegiants and a host of ogres and hobgoblins attack the complex and city.  They are led by a huge balor.

The battle was intense and I basically had the higher level followers and pcs fight while I described the battle in narrative.  The red went invisible and took to the sky. The fire giants hurled flaming boulders at the party while the ogres and hobgoblins raced toward the city!

I have to hand it to the party because they very efficiently used their people and their giants to good effect against the attackers.

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