Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shark Week

Like many of my friends I an glued to the Discovery Channel one week out of every year.  Shark Week is a tradition in my family that started on 1988 during the Rodney Fox first episode.

I have always been a fan of sharks...I have dreamt about them since I was little and yes some of those were nightmares but along with admiration comes respect for the ocean's apex predators.

This year the Discovery Channel has recreated the Cacaradon Meglodon. This is the biggest shark to have existed.  I have known about Meg for a long time though and am a fan of Steve Alten's Meg series.  I highly recommend them if you get the chance to read them do it!

The stats in most rpgs do not do justice to sharks, especially prehistoric ones like Meg.  This got me to thinking about Sharks and what we could do to have marine adventures featuring them.

A good trillogy of books from Forgotten Realms features a marine theme including fish men. It is called the Threat From the Sea and it features a meg in the book series!

So now armed with sharky knowledge I am looking to do something different. Maybe something no other game designer has done.  I want to write from the perspective of the shark and I want to make sure he's well equipped for the job!

Meg next to Great White

What is your favorite shark?


  1. There was a post on here? Where did it go? Anyway to the guy who posted. I got a chance about five years ago to go to the Atlanta Aquarium and see the whale sharks. WOW! It was awesome! I think that you are right about Tigers. Those are some very neat sharks. I like Sand Tigers too. Not as high on the man eater list but they are still very fearsome beasts. A shark game would be lots of fun. Maybe a game where everyone plays sharks and is trying to hunt.

  2. I visited the Atlanta aquarium a year ago...definitely worth the trip to see the whale sharks!!

  3. My favorite shark is the one furthest away from me when I'm in the water...

  4. Andy! Good to see you. How's the MoTM podcast going? I have not listened for a while now as I have been swamped writing games and books.

    Did you ever see the documentary on how they feed the whale sharks at that place? It's really cool! They have taught them to come to the surface to eat from a strainer.