Friday, August 3, 2012

Shadowrun - Adventure Two Synopsis

Shadows of the Pirate’s Cove
Adventure Two:  So Many Rising from the Dead, Is it Election Time Again?

It was a bright sunny day in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and our crew was trying to figure out what happened to Zed’s body.  Now it is unusual for someone to steal a corpse but usually this is done by someone outside the morgue.  Seems that something inside the morgue at the governor’s office on Court street pulled Zed out of the slab, burned away the door with some kind of acid (might have been toxic magic) and then escaped.  Weird, chummer, just weird! Even for the Sixth age.

After speaking with Gemini’s contact the group was surprised to hear that “the issue with Angela Princess has been resolved” in the best Corp speak inflection old Aims Johnson can summon.  One of those final statements that mean we are dealing with it and no, it ain’t your business.  If they just say that it would not feel so drekkin ominous.  So Ares (Serena) and the crew decided to hit the bazaar, she had to return the vehicle she borrowed from the dwarf at the docks who pointed out where Zed had went.  This was where the “issue” the Amazonia Corp had “resolved” tried to kill them.  This being a hit squad of 12 Chromed Muscle, a Troll and hidden magical support.

Pisces had his handful with an elemental and Ares kept busy with the Chromers.  The Ogre sliced up two unfortunates that happened to be closest to her and then went toe to toe with the Troll.  Between Gemini’s potshots the team was taken down and the wage mage made his escape.  In his hurry he left the mage scope tube he was using.  A 25 meter hollow tube roughly one inch in diameter with a system of mirrors and lenses inside allowing one to see what is at the far end no matter how the tube is coiled.  See directly enough to cast magic that direction you dig!

Seems that a Johnson for another Corp had hired Zed and his Jolly Rogers to kidnap the girl and they are the ones to give them the support needed to crack into the resort.  Evidently this was an attempt to blackmail Intel from Amazonia’s R&D department, long in planning, but the party’s resourcefulness destroyed their entire operation.  The suits in Amazonia new enough from Gemini’s data feed of where the girl was taken to understand that Juan Emanuel Princess was compromised.  The girl, now useless to them was sold to the Kiddie Farm in San Ceredo via a merchant that operates out of Tortuga.  The party was able to gleam this much from the Troll they captured who was one of the leaders of the Hit Squad that assaulted them on the docks.

Two days later Ares gets an eFlyer that got stuck in her commlink.  After Gemini debugged the glitch in her PAN the messages were released.  This one was an obituary announcing the funeral of one Angela Princess, beloved eleven year old daughter of Juan Emmanuel Princess, Vice President of Research and Development for Biological Mana Affecting Agents for Amazonia Industrial Carribe.

So it is when you work with the Corps chummer.  Rival competitors take their failures out on you and the resolution to an issue of an abducted child is to just tell everyone she’s dead.  Well, you pays your monies and you takes your chances.  Nuyen is Nuyen and the Shadows don’t reward those who rely on others for their Intel or Security. 

Still I think the horoscope for our crew of Zodiac inspired agents might be prophesizing that someone is gonna answer some questions soon, runner style!  Wish our crew good luck, chummers, they gonna need it!


“All I wanted to get was some shrimp for my momma’s gumbo recipe but once again being tied to corp has gotten us in a bunch of trouble so like a croc I snuck around the fish stand while the guys were sneaking up on.  Faster than Mo Jones I dodged the bullets but some caught my side. Guess we win some and lost some.  Was not really ready for a fight but at least I got up my reflex spell before they summoned that elemental.  I asked for something spicy to throw the guy off and that’s when they did it!  Shoot I told them to hold on and cool off and summoned a sea spirit of my own.  Well sir the old hothead and my old man of the sea fought and kept each other busy while the old mage tossed a fireball at me.  I like it spicy but this is crazy!  At the end I got to change into an aligator and scare the troll.  Was fun Cheri, was fun.


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